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Stay in Your Lane

  Stay in Your Lane: After every event, I like to decompress and learn from our experience.  This weekend after the Survival Games there is one main phrase that was stated; stay in your lane.  What exactly does that mean?

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Community, Inside the Gym

One of the biggest things I learned at my CrossFit L1 Seminar was the importance of community inside the gym.  We were taught that more often than not, the person who finished last got far louder cheers and recognition than

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We Do Not Fail, We Learn.

So many times in life, we are afraid for all the wrong reasons.  We are afraid of our perceived failures and what people may think of our failures.  I completely understand this way of thinking as I’ve been that person

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Competition Fitness vs General Health Fitness

As promised last week, this week’s blog is on competition versus general health fitness.  We had a very long discussion about this last week at the Crush Games and it made me realize we should probably share it with the

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Challenge Yourself

I tell my customers both at the gym and in my every day job that the measure of the person isn’t shown until a problem shows up.  It is always easy and everyone is happy when things are going the

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