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Coaches Corner: Rest Days

Welcome back to the Friday edition of coaches corner.  Are rest days really important?  The short answer is yes.  Rest days are really important but what is even more important is learning your body and how often you should have

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One Rep, One Workout, One Day at A Time

To many times we fantasize about our long term or stretch goals and get obsessed with the distance that we still have to go to achieve them.  We look at a loaded barbell and dream of the day that instead

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Act Right, Get Treated Better!

I had an entire blog planned out this week, but it is going to get pushed a week.  This past weekend, we took 12 athletes to the Stat Veteran’s Day Competition and I think enough happened that it warrants it’s

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Tracking Progress with Pictures/Measurements

As coaches we always hear people’s goals when they start.  Most of them revolve around weight goals or generic comments like “I want to shed my baby weight” or “I have to lose the freshman 15!”  Those are all great

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The Importance of Trust

Coaches and athletes have relationships, much like you have friendships and marriages; they sometimes need some maintenance, ultimately though they need trust to work. Recently, I was listening to a podcast with Marcus Filly and he made a very interesting

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