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Coaches Corner: Combat Fatigue

How do you combat fatigue (especially when you are busy)? This question can be asked in a variety of ways but what I feel is actually being asked, at least when it’s directed at me, how do you stay so

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Coaches Corner: Rest Days

Welcome back to the Friday edition of coaches corner.  Are rest days really important?  The short answer is yes.  Rest days are really important but what is even more important is learning your body and how often you should have

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Coaches Corner: Accessory Work

What is the reason behind the accessory work/optional finishers at the gym?  Video version below. Accessory work is often neglected in the gym and some programs.  It is seen as tedious and “not sexy” but we have recently started adding

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Unfair Comparisons

  Yeah, but I scaled it. Oh my gosh, he/she went a minute and a half faster than I did. It was a PR yes, but did you see Sal’s lift? These are all comments that I’ve heard from members

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Intensity Over Volume

Last week we touched on having a purpose when it comes to training and asking for extra volume in training.  This week’s blog we are going to focus on the intensity over volume debate. It always shocks me when I

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