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Adrian Conway’s Biggest Gym Pet Peeve

We got this in our inbox from one of our vendors FNX Fit.  Figured we would share.  Get your FNX products at JG3 Fitness now.  Scaling Up I was recently on a podcast and one of the lightning round questions

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Open Part 3

This week, part 3 of our Open blog series.  Before we get to the members comments, here’s a fun fact and a video showing the statistics and some cool pictures of people in the open.  In 2016, 324,307 participants from

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The CrossFit Open Part 2 So last week we gave the bare bones on what the CrossFit Open actually was, this week why does it matter specifically to JG3 Fitness?  Two reasons that I will elaborate on and then we will get to the

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I Have a Dream!

Today, we remember one of the most influential and positive Americans to have ever lived.  Martin Luther King Jr delivered his famous speech that is most commonly known for “I have a dream” and “free at last! Free at last” 

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