75 Hard Day 75 (9/4/2021)

Random Thoughts:  The hardest day was the last day.  I am writing this after completing the task.  It truly was the hardest day to finish.  I am not just saying that because of the bullshit workout I did to up the intensity.  Being so close to finishing, your mind wanders to the next day.  The “freedom” to eat what I wanted.  So I ended up challenging myself to do the workout “Murph” the following day.  I got it done.  Recap of the entire experience coming soon!

Day 75:

Whoop Tracking: 6:34 Sleep (1:24 Deep, 1:04 REM, 86% Efficiency, 14.8 Respiratory Rate) 80% Recovery

Pre Workout 1: Acid Pill, Microfactor, Full Mega, Adrenal Restore, 21 Grain Bread, Nut Butter (330 Calories. 15g Protein, 35g Carbs, 17g Fat)

Workout 1 (75 Minutes with 50 Outdoors): This was split into 3 continuous 25 minute AMRAPs.  AMRAP 1 Indoor: 75 Cal Ski Buy In then AMRAP 7 HSPU, 5 RMU, 75 Wall Balls, 5 BMU, 7 Burpee Box Jump Over.  AMRAP 2 Outdoor: 75 Cal Row Buy in then AMRAP 7 Thrusters, 5 Tire Flips, 200m Farmers Carry, 7 Hang Power Clean, 5 Burpees Over the Bar. Into AMRAP 3 Outdoors: 800m Run Buy in into 7 KB Swings, 5 Devils Presses Right Arm, 7 Cal Bike, 5 Devils Presses Left Arm.  Strain 13.7 (almost 20 people from my gym joined me for this. 

Meal 2: Intra-Formance during workout, Ignition and Phormula-1 Post (420 Calories. 40g Protein, 61g Carbs, 2g Fat)

Meal 3: Bagel, Nut Butter, Blueberries, Honey (600 Calories. 22g Protein, 96g Carbs, 18g Fat)

Meal 4: Ham and Salami Sandwich, Grapes, Red peppers, Broccoli (940 Calories. 58g Protein, 95g Carbs, 38g Fat)

Workout 2: 45 Minute Ruck with Wife and dogs.  Didn’t register a strain.  I’m not going to lie.  I was barely moving.  I got it done though. 

Meal 5: Baked Buffalo Wings (1056 Calories. 56g Protein, 10g Carbs, 88g Fat)

Meal 6: Level-1 (140 Calories. 25g Protein, 5g Carbs, 3g Fat)

3486 Calories. 216g Protein. 302g Carbs. 166g Fat. 142 Oz Water

Day Strain 14.4

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