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75 Hard Day 64 (8/24/2021)

Random Thoughts:  Exhaustion is real today guys.  I was wired and ate too much right before bed last night, therefore sleep deprived today.  Back to work always means catchup.  BUT, I get to do this.  I don’t have too.  I

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75 Hard Day 63 (8/23/2021)

Random Thoughts:  Cedar Point today means another hectic day and tough food choices.  This has been an amazing weekend with my family, even though we crammed the entire summer into 4 days haha.  It was great to reset and to

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75 Hard Day 62 (8/22/2021)

Random Thoughts:  Round 2 today with the Mud Hens game.  Started the day with a nice breakfast and a workout with the wife and Cassandra to get me on the right path.  It is always easier to stick to the

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75 Hard Day 61 (8/21/2021)

Random Thoughts:  Fuck I love baseball.  There is something about sitting next to my family and talking about the Tribe game, while it is happening, that just makes my heart happy.  What a good game to witness as they won

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75 Hard Day 60 (8/20/2021)

Random Thoughts:  Blood work and a trip to Cedar Point Cedar Shores really threw my day off right off the bat.  Fasting for 12 hours into a workout, into a long day in the sun was difficult physically.  Mentally it

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