The Coach Client Relationship

The Coach Client Relationship

Why does having a coach matter?  Does consistency in the relationship matter?  How do I know I’ve found the right coach? 

These are all questions that I have been asked since 2013 when I first started coaching.  In my opinion, the last question is the only really personal response.  Only you will know when you have found the right coach, I will however give some examples.  Anyway let’s dive right in to this.

Having a coach is nothing more than extra accountability to obtaining your goals.  Certifications matter, do not get me wrong; however, it is far more important to have a coach that you know will hold you accountable.  What to looks for in a coach, doesn’t go all in with “one system” is the easy first step.  I have had or maintain certifications from 3 different companies: ACE, CrossFit, and NASM.  I appreciate things I learned from each one of those companies but I am always concerned when I see coaches that only have one background.  If you always go through say ACE for all of your information, by default you are just training what they tell you.  Same can be said with any company, diversity in knowledge is how you become a true expert. 

Does consistency in the relationship matter?  What I mean by this, when you come to class do you always get the same coach and have the same person who knows what you truly want and need.  A wise and well respected coach Ben Bergeron preaches the consistency of scheduling the same coaches at the same times… always (with the exception of vacations).  When you walk in the door, that person should be intimate with every little detail about your fitness and health journey.  If not, it is possible they critique you in a way that doesn’t help.  We take pride in the fact that we know our members PR’s by heart, because we see them every single session they come in.  Consistency is what we preach but it goes beyond just walking in the door. 

How do you know if you found the right coach?  This one is the most personal.  To me, it’s that click factor.  They remember the little details, they follow up with me when they know I am working on something big.  They *CENSORED* care.  They ask how the day goes and it goes far beyond fitness and health. 

Thanks for reading the blog, with social media and marketing being so overwhelming in our society today there is a lot of inaccurate information.  Pay attention to the little details, look at the accomplishments of the clients not just the coach as an athlete and the classes they’ve taken.  Good luck and I hope this helps. 

As always I can’t doesn’t exist. 


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