Road to Ironman: Jay Blog 14

Here’s the thing, we all think we are smarter than the teacher/coach/parent etc. We aren’t. In my case, I have Debbie watching out for my best interests and a few people that I will text if I know Debbie is busy and might not respond right away.

This week, the shit got real… HOT. It didn’t affect my performance but it affected my outcome. Let me explain. I was in the middle of a forty five mile bike into a nine mile run brick on Friday. It was ten in the morning when I started and it would go until two or three in the afternoon by the time I completed. I believe the temperature ended up hitting ninety seven during that time frame.

Physically, I was hot. Mentally I was battling but not for the reason you might expect. I was battling because my dumbass has a goal and I normally don’t break from it. I’m growing. I text Debbie at about four miles into the run and told her the path I was on (along with a few back up people). I said I have about one and a half miles back to the gym and I was calling it because it’s not game day and I learned plenty today…. it wasn’t worth injury.

No why did I text everyone if I was calling it? I had been in the sun for four fucking hours at that point. I was about three sips of water from being empty. I wanted to be safe and I wanted confirmation that sometimes your brain has to take over for your body. I could’ve finished but every text I got back was get out of the sun or want me to come get you? Proper decision.

It also allowed me to come back Sunday and hit a mile plus swim into the planned nine miles (I was slightly short on GPS but whatever) and get the confidence that the proper decision was made.

I’m thankful for my support team that constantly remind me of my why. I’m thankful that my family got to swim with me this week to make training feel more like a day at the beach… literally.

Thanks for reading and as always I can’t doesn’t exist! BOOM


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