Lex Gedeon: Road to Ironman Blog 18

Tapering.  Tapering is amazing.

After suffering from some heat exhaustion last Saturday and just an overall intense 7 months, nothing feels better than knowing you don’t have to do any 3 hour rides, two hour runs, or three days a week of swimming.  Letting the body heal and rest to allow better performance. Now that is what I like to hear.

This week was slow.  I made the mistake of working 11 hours again on Sunday in the heat, carrying beer and ice over God’s green earth and discovered that was extremely stupid to do after completing a 70.3 the day before.  Monday was the rest day I needed. I slept in (until 8:45—crazy!) and stretched a ton. On Tuesday I got my mom to come with me to the high school so I could get 1000 yards in. Turns out, it was my fastest 1000 yards (22:07), AND 500 yards (10:51) I’d ever swam.  I looked up at the wall and saw the fastest girls and boys records for the 500 were 5:05 and 4:55 (I think) respectively. I laughed at my joy of hitting my fastest times, but was honestly proud. My first 1000 yards was like…31 minutes or something. I think I must’ve gotten better or something.  Those 4:30am wake up calls to get in the pool apparently did some good.

Wednesday I biked 8 miles in my basement just to get some blood flowing and did a ton of stretching.  Thursday I biked 15.25 miles outside and really struggled with my heart rate. It was skyrocketing without doing much.  I felt okay, but I think between still recovering from Saturday and changing a medication, I was just a little off. This morning, before it got unbelievably hot, I hit a three mile run.  I learned something this morning—I am no longer the youngster who could get up and workout early and eat breakfast later. I came home, tried to stretch, and threw up. Between no breakfast and the heat, I should’ve known better.  Lex, your body is getting older and needs food to survive. Lesson learned.

I’m getting super excited for 9 days from now.  The amount of support and positivity that has been shown between my gym family, my friend family, and my blood family has been nothing short of incredible.  I know, without anyone telling me, that people had doubts I would stick it out. But I did. Just like I said last week (or Monday), regardless of what happens in 9 days (so crazy to think it’s so close), I’ve already proven myself.  How can you not be proud of that?



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