Lex Gedeon: Road to Ironman Blog 16

Back on the iPhone notes. 

This week was just a lot of thinking. Since we cannot use phones or music during the event, I just train without. It leaves wayyyy too much time to be alone with your thoughts. 

These are the things I thought about this week:

•People might pee when they swim. I might be behind them. What if their pee gets in my mouth?

•Chipmunks are the squirrels of the bike trail. What goes on through their heads when bikes come at them and they just sit there? Is it a game? 

•What type of sunburn pattern will I have when I finish 8 hours of this?

•I should look up how often bathrooms come up on the course. I do not want to shit myself.

•Think of this like an AMRAP. It’s a 5-mile bike like…11 times.

•Don’t look at your watch. You will be disappointed.

•Thank you for blowing your grass directly onto my bike. I appreciate that.

•Is it weird I’m casually eating tortilla chips while biking?

•Holy shit it’s hot. 

Yesterday I did my longest tri practice yet. 1650 yard swim (in my fastest time ever), 50 mile bike, and 10k run. I actually yelled at mile 38 of the bike…because I was bored. That’s where I was at. It was so many hours. So many…without really seeing anyone. You can only think about chipmunk suicide for so long. I’ve had to adjust my run strategy to a 5-minute run, 1 minute walk. It just works better for me and keeps my brain working. I did suffer a phone casualty as the armband holding my phone ripped apart and my phone shattered. Whoops. But overall it was a great learning experience. As soon as I was done, I drove to my family’s river house and jumped in the water. Hung out, went on some boat rides, and watched the fireworks. Training smart. It works.


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