Road to Ironman: Jay Blog 13

“Don’t waste your time on me, you’re already the voice inside my head!” famous lyrics from Tom Delonge in the song I Miss You.

This week, that’s really what I had to focus on. The voice inside my head. When you are training, it is very easy to let that voice become a negative sidekick that just drags you down. That voice can call the training boring or stupid and something else is a better use of your time.

Over the last seven days I have swam 3500 yards, biked 91.1 miles and ran 11.4 miles. That is a long time to be alone with the voice inside you head. In saying that, I highly encourage you to spend more time with that voice.

Spend time with that voice because, despite what the internet and haters will say, that voice is the only thing that matters. How you view yourself and the tasks at hand determine your enjoyment of said task. If you learn to silence the outside factors, then you truly become powerful. So just like the great Tom Delonge says, “Don’t waste your time on me!”

Thanks for reading and as always I can’t doesn’t exist!




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