Road to Ironman: Jay Blog 10

As a coach and someone who has studied and/or been actively in the fitness industry most of my life, knowledge is always power. Don’t rest on what you think you know, research and put it to the test. That is the only way to truly stay at the top of your game.

This training program has really brought back the need for research and actively testing things out. It has brought on, what seems to be most people’s favorite day at the gym, interval Thursday’s. It has shown that always going for intensity and time limits your progress. It has taught me to go back to the drawing board, yet still having a solid base fitness level.

The Lunsford’s and I got a nice wake up call on Saturday this weekend. First of all, the water in the lake was a nice and warm sixty(ish) degrees according to google. Then add in some nice wind and storms brewing and the lake kicked our asses. We swam well, they swam amazing for having never been open water, but one look at our GPS and you could see how off the course we kept getting pushed. It was the first time in many years I had attempted that and it will bring a need to get out in the open water at least once a week until Ironman 70.3.

Sunday, after we got home from our camping trip, I set out to do a brick of roughly thirty miles bike into four miles run. I was extremely happy with my results as the heart rate training is paying off on both. While I ran out of real estate on my bike and ended at twenty nine miles, I averaged seventeen miles per hour while keeping my heart rate pretty close to my desired zone. A few hills and wind spurts bumped me out of it exactly. Right into a nice four mile run that was almost perfect for my zone, and I am now closer to ten and a half minutes per mile instead of eleven. It is paying off. Knowledge is power.

Thanks for reading and as always, I can’t doesn’t exist. BOOM!


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