Lex Gedeon: Road to Ironman Blog 14

We’re going to change things up.

Today I will not be talking about my training.  Today I will be talking about Carey Pemberton.

This whole thing started with Joe.  It started hearing Joe yell, “Let’s go, Lexi!” at a CrossFit comp—not knowing that the name Lexi makes me cringe.  It started when I saw how positive Joe and Carey were the very first time I met them. Cheering my partner and I on, asking how I was feeling before each workout, and handing out high-fives after each one.  I was new to the gym at that point, so it was really my first introduction to how deeply I would be affected by this group of people. I’ve been incredibly blessed with my own awesome family, but now I had even more people to add to it.

I’ve talked previously about how difficult Ironman training has been for me.  However, what I have relied on a lot throughout this journey is not my own strength, but Carey’s.  She doesn’t know that—hell, no one does. When I am at my breaking point and wanting to quit during a workout or just want to give up altogether, I remember Carey.  Why? Because Carey Pemberton is one of the strongest, most positive women I have ever gotten the privilege to know. Through everything, she remained strong. Through everything, she showed up each day. Never questioning, never complaining, but there…like a rock (a pretty rock!).

How can you not be inspired by that?  She walks in the gym, Jay yells, “CAREY PEMBERTON” and then I remember my why.  Over and over. This process has been trying, but I hope to one day have even half as much of the courage and strength that she does.  It’s been a rough week, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is showing up, doing what you need to do, not complaining about it, and staying positive.  All things Carey exhibits every time she walks through the door. How lucky are we to be able to be part of that?

Embrace the strength of others, learn the strength inside yourself, and show up.  If that isn’t a message to learn, I don’t know what is.




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