Road to Ironman: Jay Blog 8

You are the sum of everything you do. Ironman training is no different. When I look back at the end of the week, I want to see that I’ve essentially doubled the planned triathlon. This week that plan was a 750 swim, 26 bike and 3.1 run. Mission accomplished (close enough for the bike).

This week was one of those weeks where it didn’t come easy (yet came easy at the same time). Monday I had a really good swim session. Tuesday was my planned rest day. Wednesday I did both running intervals for speed and then a slower HR zone run to practice keeping my HR low. Thursday is where I had to get creative with my time. Biking 20 miles in 3 different sessions is what I had to do to get anything in. At the gym (it’s easiest to get my workouts in at the gym since we are there anyways) I got a nice VO2max circuit in. Friday was a simple cross training/olympic lifting day. Then it was off to my son’s baseball game. Which he kicked ass!

Saturday was my first outdoor (outside of swim) triathlon. I did it solo. 750 swim was an easy 11 minutes. This is where it won’t feel real, drove to gym and then hit the bike from the gym (screwed up and did 25.57) which was fairly uneventful outside of mile 11, Debbie and the kids drove by me and seeing both my kids screaming out the window gave me a boost, then run a 5k. I don’t know what my full time with transitions was but I maintained my low HR with a 15.6mph average on the bike and my running speed dropped to 11 minutes per mile flat. HR Zone training works as I then went home and did yard work all day.

Saturday ended with some much needed chill time. Jason came over and we played Spider-Man on the PS4, ate pizza and chilled with the family plus Janetta and her kids. The body feels great, the plan is working.

Thanks for reading and as always I can’t doesn’t exist!



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