Road to Ironman: Jay Blog 6

Sometimes shit happens and it blows up your plans. Sub two hour half marathon, it’s a huge milestone for runners. I do not consider myself any kind of specialist (runner/triathlete/endurance/lifter/etc.) but it was nice to check that one off the list.

I didn’t prepare properly for it. I have been researching and paying attention to how I feel at the end of long sessions and Sunday wasn’t any different. Physically, I felt fine. Mentally, I wasn’t and a lot had to do with nutrition. More had to do with the fact that I am keeping my heart rate at way to high of a level to sustain for an Ironman 70.3. That stops now.

This week, I turned to heart rate zone training. It is a kick in the ego and one that I am sure most people would quick before finding the benefits. I hope I am not one of them. For runs, I have to keep my heart rate under 147 or I have to back it down. On Thursday, that meant an 11:32 per mile average. AKA a kick right in the ego. I’m used to running sub 8-8:30 miles when I am not trying to push it. I realized just how much I have to change.

It’s Saturday, tomorrow I’m going to attempt a 22-26 mile bike keeping my heart rate below 129 straight into a 5k run keeping my heart rate below 147 again. Let’s hope I stay the course. Learning to keep my heart rate down will help me tremendously with how I feel during and after Ironman.

Thanks for reading and as always I can’t doesn’t exist.


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