Lex Gedeon: Road to Ironman Blog 9

“You had almost no restful moments today.  Stress consumes your body’s resources. If you are stressed for long periods of time, you may become exhausted.”

Thanks, Garmin Fenix5 watch.  I had no idea.

I’ve talked about it before—I’m a stressed individual.  I feel the physiological signs almost constantly; elevated heart rate, arms go numb, breathing gets more difficult, exhausted, and have an overwhelming feeling of needing to run away.  Every. Day. I decided that most people have stress and I was fine. It wasn’t until this watch started tracking it that I realized how detrimental my anxiety has been to my health and to my training.

It’s May and I’m a teacher.  I just finished coaching another tennis season.  This is prime stress time. Add in constantly worrying about nutrition, worrying about how slow my swim and bike are, worrying about getting a flat on the course, worrying about the weather daily, worrying about how many times I wash my hair per week (sounds weird, but chlorine is gross and I have a schedule), and other miscellaneous bullshit and you’ve got a bundle of nervous energy ready to explode.  I realized that’s all I’ve been the past few weeks—preparing myself to fail. I don’t want to prepare for failure anymore. I want to prepare for anything, but failure isn’t one that I’m willing to settle with. My swim? I have 11ish weeks. I may get a little faster. My bike? I’ll get used to it. My run? I’ll say some prayers for knee replacement surgery post-race. But failure? It ain’t happening.

This past week, despite wanting to bang my head against a wall repeatedly, I actually got some great training in.  Monday was a Member Monday with the lovely Amanda Picciuto. It got my butt in gear. Tuesday I decided that I was going to attempt the 750 yard swim, 22 mile bike, and 5k run that I was supposed to do Sunday (the weather was horrible).  I kept my heart rate low, had a lot of alone time with my brain, and finished it feeling kind of awesome. I was tired, but I still felt like I had more to give—which is good because I only completed like 30some percent of the event. Wednesday I went in to do some shoulder rehab and stretch.  Today was some sort of horrible cardio hell that I oddly loved. Tomorrow will be a nice recovery bike and hoping to hit my tri on Saturday morning before heading to Columbus for the Rogue Invitational. Sounds busy, but this is the kind of busy that I love.


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