Lex Gedeon: Road to Ironman Blog 11

Prime time.

Yo, we are less than two months out from one of the biggest obstacles I have ever attempted.  Thinking about that five days ago sent me straight into a panic. Today, after having a great training week and truly reflecting on the last five months, I’ve gone from panicked to…less panicked, but a nice concoction of anxious/nervous/excited.  

Remembering my first day of swimming—400 yards was an extreme challenge.  I could swim 25 yards at once. That was it. I was intimidated as hell, I was terrified of drowning, and honestly, for the first two months of learning to swim, it consumed all of my thoughts.  The fear of drowning and being time-capped motivated me to wake up three times per week to swim at 4:30am. It motivated me to push myself. It motivated me to get to this point, where at 8ish weeks out, I’m not worried about those things.  I know anything can happen on any given day, but I’ve done what I can do to prepare. Let’s gooooo.

The bike.  I was scared to even turn when changing directions.  Turning on different roads, I was going (shit you not) 1 mph every turn.  But now? I’m doing 28 mile bikes after swims in crazy amounts of wind…and LAUGHING during it.  I don’t have aerobars. I don’t have clip-in shoes and pedals. But here I am…still getting it done.  

The run?  I’ve proven that I am capable of fighting through any amount of pain or mental shit and get the job done.  I was terrified of not being about not bouncing back after Glass City. But if you’ve seen me at the gym, seen me swimming at the Y, or watched as I pushed through my practice tris on the weekend the past two weeks, you’ll see I’m finding it.

During a hot and windy practice tri on Saturday morning, I actually thought to myself, “I got this.  I actually think I got this.” Still nervous? Yes. Gaining confidence? Yassss. Monday I did Murph with Amanda.  I ran both the miles, but we did 50 ring rows, 100 pushups, and 150 air squats each. What a cool event—I felt so lucky to be part of it.  Tuesday was a bike indoors (because #ohioweather). Wednesday was a long swim (1900 yards) with some speed intervals mixed in, along with two miles of speed work running.  Thursday? My favorite gym workout of the week…cardio hell. I get to hit my practice tri Friday after school so I can do a roofing project this weekend (yeah, I’m a jack of all trades…wife me up).

I’ve been so fortunate to go through this process and learn how much further I can push myself.  Before JG3, before Ironman, before any of this…I never would have found that. I wouldn’t have found that drive.  I would have stayed average. I would have been stuck. But I found out there is so much more I’m capable of. I said it a few weeks ago, and I’ll say it again—Why wouldn’t I allow myself the most happiness and go as far as I can?  Ya’ll have read or heard about what a struggle this has been. I’m not sugarcoating anything. I’m just finally freaking ready.



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