Road to Ironman 70.3: Jay Blog 2

We just finished the week of April 1. Life happened last week and I pretty much sandbagged the weekend. We took the kids to Fortnite weekend at the Toledo Walleye so I ended up with a few more rest days than normal and didn’t get a long run in at all. That’s perfectly okay, family should always take precedence!

This week, however, the hammer was out (I’m sick of being the fucking nail). Monday was some interval swimming to try to get my pace back to where I wanted it. Five sets of two hundred yard free on the four minute clock into six sets of one hundred free on the two minute clock. With warm up and cool down it ended being just over a mile total. Then Magic Mike (Eric Torres) hit us with a bitch of a Member Monday workout. It pretty much fucked my legs up for the rest of the week. It was rowing/back squats and then deadlifts/box jumps…. HOLY HAMSTRINGS!

Tuesday was a sixteen mile bike (indoors unfortunately) and a ten rep max bench press. I hit a PR of one ninety five which wasn’t expected. Back squats however, I listened to the body (shocked the hell out of myself too!) and didn’t push it to hard. Wednesday was a nice and needed rest day.

Thursday is one of the days I want to focus on. I went to the doctor, I have been having some throat issues that prevent me from eating the way I want/need too. I was in a pissy mood and didn’t want to be anywhere. My three mile run (interval based) was shit and left me feeling down about my fitness level. Then I walked into the gym. This group of people, they lifted me up. I walked in very down and several people commented on it. Then, they did something that most don’t get to experience, they got loud and goofy. They lifted my spirits when I didn’t think they could be lifted. It. Was. Amazing. It was the loudest I remember it being, new people fitting right in with the veterans, my vision being played out in front of my eyes. Thank. You.

Friday, the hammer came out big time. It was swim test day and every member of the Ironman team that attempted it, did the entire distance we have to swim… and everyone was under an hour (time cap is seventy minutes). My personal time was just over thirty six minutes. The swim was relaxing and I felt in the zone. Cross training in the evening went good. Then my computer decided to be a dick to me. We recorded an epic podcast, that will never be heard. It decided to only record about every fifth word. Life goes on, but I’m still salty about it.

This morning we finally got out on the bike. John Biggs is a machine. He drug Kyle and I around for just shy of a twenty two mile bike ride and it was pretty fun. Watching the sun come up and just being out on this beautiful day reminded us of what this journey will truly be like. Sharing experiences with each other and conversations that will never be forgotten. Then we had a great team class with everyone joking around and having fun. It was the perfect end to another week.

Tomorrow we are planning a twelve mile run. Hopefully we stay the hammer. Either way, thanks again for reading the road to Ironman where I can’t doesn’t exist.


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