Coaches Corner: Rest Days

Welcome back to the Friday edition of coaches corner.  Are rest days really important? 

The short answer is yes.  Rest days are really important but what is even more important is learning your body and how often you should have a rest day.  Here are a couple of things to consider when talking about rest days and timing them out.

The first one, how do you feel?  You have to be completely honest with yourself on this one.  Believe it or not, your coach will already know that you don’t feel good because they watch you move frequently.  Do you feel run down?  Do you feel extra sore?  Do you feel like accomplishing the task at hand isn’t exciting?  Those answers should be a sign that a rest day is needed.

The next item to consider, are your irritable or short tempered with your friends and family?  This one is probably easier to figure out because most friends and/or family will tell you when you are being an asshole to them.  When you are run down, you tend to not act like yourself.  If you are a parent, just think of your kids when they haven’t gotten the proper amount of sleep or had too much sugar.  They become a different kid. 

The last thing I would consider, has your coach told you to take it easy?  This is the easiest one and the main reason you should have a coach.  They watch your movement patterns and regardless of what social media says, you don’t always have good days.  Most (I’m not saying all) injuries and accidents happen when you aren’t yourself.  If a coach has the courtesy to point out that you need to take a day off or take it easy, listen. 

Check out the video version below:

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