Coaches Corner: Combat Fatigue

How do you combat fatigue (especially when you are busy)?

This question can be asked in a variety of ways but what I feel is actually being asked, at least when it’s directed at me, how do you stay so active with your crazy schedule?  To me it’s all about prioritizing your day and organizing it so that you get your top activities done.  If I have a busy day, like the one described in the video (disclaimer my travel videos are never live), I get my workout in early so that it is off my schedule and I can focus on other things.

Another note on fatigue, sometimes a little movement breaks up that tired feeling.  You ever notice when you binge watch Netflix (Daredevil season 3 anyone?), you feel exhausted that day and sometimes in the next?  That is because your body adapts to not being active.  Sometimes a little movement snaps you directly out of that fatigued state.  I can tell you with absolute certainty it works with jet lag. 

Check out the video below and thanks for reading.

As always, I can’t doesn’t exist.


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