Coaches Corner: Accessory Work

What is the reason behind the accessory work/optional finishers at the gym?  Video version below.

Accessory work is often neglected in the gym and some programs.  It is seen as tedious and “not sexy” but we have recently started adding it more and more but calling it an optional finisher.  There are two main reasons that we feel it is important. 

First, addressing muscular imbalances.  Everyone has a dominant hand or leg that they prefer to use.  A lot of times that body part feels stronger or is easier to use than its counterpart.  Doing isolated movements forces you to address that imbalance.

Second, it helps prevent you from developing weaknesses (or helps you find them) on either side of the body.  Most common would be to favor one leg in a squat or press with more weight on one side.  This doubles as prehab as most of our accessory work is done with lighter weight so we can focus on form and proper range of motion.

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