What Can You Control?

What Can You Control?

It boggles my mind how much time that I continue to devote to things that are outside of my control.  Even as I’m about to write about only focusing on things that I can control, it is still a very big struggle in my own life.  In saying that, identifying an area as a weakness allows you to work on it.

We all have twenty four hours in a day, usually sixteen of it (depending on how much you sleep) is actually usable.  If you work or go to school, you subtract your time away from that.  Kids have somewhere to be, subtract time away from that and now we are looking at a very finite and precious amount of time left.  Often times, that time is spent on things that are outside of our control (this isn’t a blanket statement). 

Person X claims you don’t know what you are doing and you are fake as hell and are using people.  Person Y tells lies to get people in their corner of judging you.  Person Z made up an entire scenario for how you wronged them and points to your “change” in social media use as proof.  None of these things can be controlled.  What can be controlled is your response?  I’ve found the unfriend and/or block button is the most effective because responding is a waste of time.  Those closest to you will know the truth. 

Another example, both my kids are currently sick.  Well technically they played a twisted game of tag where my daughter finished her sickness and tagged her brother in two hours later.  That is 100% outside of my wife and my control.  What we can do is try to do our best to split the responsibilities and take care of them to the best of our ability and hope we don’t get sick as well (fingers crossed). 

As I stated in the first paragraph of this blog, nothing I am typing is considered easy and I get that.  I have personally valued and wasted a lot of time over my life worrying about the opinions of these types of people.  It is something I personally am working on and figured I would share.  Yes this doesn’t have a lot to do with fitness today, but it can when we talk later about valuing your time and getting the most out of your day! 

This week’s challenge, social media purge.  Either have a “fast” from social media or do a friends list assessment.  Is it positive and does it line up with how you want to live your life.  If you spend more time talking about a post than acting on your goals, remove it from your life. 

Thanks for reading and as always I can’t doesn’t exist.


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