Live Up To Your Own Expectations!

Live Up To Your Own Expectations!

It’s very hard in 2019 to “stay in your own lane” and not compare yourself to other people.  Everyone is posting their life highlights on social platforms and we live in a world where comparison has become the norm.  What benefit do you get out of that? 

The most important conversation you will ever have, that voice inside your head.  The one telling you whether you can or can’t do something.  That voice will tell you that you can’t if it is something you do not really care about.  If you are trying to live up to someone else’s belief of what you should or shouldn’t be doing. 

I talked before about actions being your truth.  Living up to your own expectations is where that truth should come from.  Do you really want to achieve the goals you wrote down, or was it someone else putting the idea in your head? 

My challenge today, sit down and get out a piece of paper and a pen (yes we are going old school).  On that piece of paper, write down what it is that truly makes you happy or what you truly want to achieve.  It can be as simple as, I just want to work out for my health for an hour a day, four days a week.  Perfect, we can track that.  It can be as complicated as, I want to do an Ironman 70.3 on July 28, 2019 and then 2019 push-ups in a single day by December 31, 2019.  Whatever it is, make sure it lines up with what you want. 

As always, thank you for reading.  I can’t doesn’t exist. 


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