Do Stuff You Hate!

Sometimes in life, bad stuff happens. It’s an unfortunate fact of being alive. Life really isn’t about what happens to you though, it is more about your response to the events that happen. Here is a simple thing that you can incorporate to make your reaction a little better.

Do more shit that you hate doing. It really is exhilarating once you figure out how much it helps your life. If you do more stuff that makes you uncomfortable, when you come face to face with situations; you have expanded your “reaction” zone. No longer are you reacting out of a snap judgement, you are calm and in control of your actions.

I will give two examples of things that I am working on, one is fitness based the other is not. The non fitness based one is really simple. At some point during my shower daily, turn it on the coldest water possible and try to remain calm for thirty seconds in the cold water. If you don’t mind the cold, I am sure that isn’t a hard task. This is torture for me or it was. Now the first three to five seconds suck but I realize I will get through it and go about my day. Now when dumb stuff happens in my day, I know if I can get through the first three to five seconds everything will be okay.

My fitness based example is a moving target, currently it is training for an Ironman. I used to be an endurance athlete but after I ran my marathon it just fizzled into other focuses. Swimming was always easy for me, then I tore both rotator cuffs and had eight surgical injections in my neck. Now it is scary, then add biking for fifty six miles and running a half marathon to it. Well you have a recipe for shit I don’t want to do. It’s learning time.

This week’s challenge. Embrace the things in your life you don’t want to do. #dostuffyouhate and see how your reactions to uncomfortable situations improve.

As always, thanks for reading and I can’t doesn’t exist.


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