Cheat Meals….Own Them and Move On

The Rock is notorious for his cheat meals!

I’ll start on Monday, I just need the rest of the week to enjoy these foods that I will never consume again. Tell me if you’ve heard that one before? Better yet, well I already screwed up this week (on Tuesday morning) so I’ll start again next week.

Stop thinking of cheat meals as failures. This may be a different opinion than most people but I feel as though cheat meals are essential to a healthy lifestyle. I will elaborate on why and maybe it matches your opinion. Full disclosure, some people have to stay structured all the time and there is nothing wrong with that!

I used to be the person who would just dive in 100% to a diet and obsess over ever little detail about what I put in my body. Then I would finally cave and eat a ton of food and restart the following week. As I’ve grown older and more secure in my reasoning for why I want to be healthy, my opinion has changed. Now, when my kids want donuts, I eat the damn donuts. My thought process is, I never obsess over wanting or needing any of my favorite non healthy foods. If I want it, I eat it and move back to my normal and healthy alternatives. Keeping that mindset is key, one meal doesn’t make or break your diet, just like one workout doesn’t make or break your fitness. Consistency is the key.

Thanks for reading as always. I can’t doesn’t exist.


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