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Cheat Meals….Own Them and Move On

I’ll start on Monday, I just need the rest of the week to enjoy these foods that I will never consume again. Tell me if you’ve heard that one before? Better yet, well I already screwed up this week (on

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What Can You Control?

What Can You Control? It boggles my mind how much time that I continue to devote to things that are outside of my control.  Even as I’m about to write about only focusing on things that I can control, it

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Do Stuff You Hate!

Sometimes in life, bad stuff happens. It’s an unfortunate fact of being alive. Life really isn’t about what happens to you though, it is more about your response to the events that happen. Here is a simple thing that you

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Live Up To Your Own Expectations!

Live Up To Your Own Expectations! It’s very hard in 2019 to “stay in your own lane” and not compare yourself to other people.  Everyone is posting their life highlights on social platforms and we live in a world where

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Actions Speak Louder

Actions Speak Louder In fitness, just like in life, we often have the best of intentions when we say our goals or say what we plan to accomplish out loud.  Recently, I’ve been trying to pay attention to the action

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