Stay in Your Lane


Stay in Your Lane:

After every event, I like to decompress and learn from our experience.  This weekend after the Survival Games there is one main phrase that was stated; stay in your lane.  What exactly does that mean?

For the weekend and the competition, I simply meant that it did not matter what other people were doing.  It did not matter if they were getting away with movements that were not up to the standard.  What mattered was what we did.  If you got a no rep, if they changed what was allowed, you just stayed in your lane and stuck to the game plan.  If we did that, we won.

It is easy to get caught up in what is going on around you, especially in competition/life.  The hard moments, in this case with elevated heart rates and stress levels, are where you need to focus the most.  Most people want to focus on what others are doing; the easiest way to manage is to control you and your own mind.

The best example I have for staying in your own lane was from our workout “The Devil’s Barbell” which was: 400m trail run 30 alternating push presses 400m trail run 40 alternating cleans 400m trail run 50 partner deadlifts.  The girls’ team had already gone and told us to watch out for the hill.  I looked at Kyle/Tivo and said let’s pace the first run more than we want to and let the other teams go for broke, I could end up really wrong but I want to be strongest at the end and let’s hope I’m right.  We were the last team back from the run and stuck to our game plan of going unbroken on the push presses.  We dropped the bar and were the first team back on the run.  Tivo and I led the way while Kyle changed out the weights.  When Kyle got back, we were 20 cleans in and it was apparent he was not feeling the cleans.  Tivo and I were so engaged in our team, we made eye contact and altered the strategy to get Kyle off the bar so he could rest up (he was to do all 50 deadlifts).  We were again the first team on the run and Kyle and I came back and knocked out 35 of the 50 deadlifts.  Then Tivo hopped in and finished the last 15.  It resulted in an event win and the most important lesson paid off.  Stay in your lane!

This week, my challenge is for you to focus on yourself and what you can control.  Life happens, people aren’t always the nicest but that doesn’t matter.  You can control how you react.  Stay in your lane and remember… I can’t doesn’t exist.


Below: Us moments after finishing the Devil’s Barbell!


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