Mission:24 Event Blog 1 of 3

Mission:24 Event Blog 1 of 3:

10:00 AM Workout 1 Murph (with a weight vest, Run 1 mile, 100 pullups, 200 pushups, 300 squats and Run 1 mile): After showing up about 45 minutes early to help get everything setup and have a quick conversation with Christina about the game plan for nutrition, we had Sarina Rodriguez sing the national anthem and then it was go time. My partner for workout one was Tivo. To say he was the perfect partner for this would be an understatement. I’m going to give him a ton of shit over workout 2 but Tivo is a good dude and made this enjoyable. My concern during the first 6-8 workouts was going out to hard and burning myself out. Tivo and I ran a very casual run together and then split the 100 pullups-200 pushups-300 squats into 20 rounds of 5-10-15 splitting the pushups and squats in half. The weight vest and temperature through a major wrench in the difficulty of this workout. The workout actually went pretty smooth and we were laughing and dancing. There were only 2 really stand out moments in this one. The first, Tivo “this weight vest makes it so tough to breath” and I respond “loosen it dumbass or just pull it away from your body so you can breath a second!” Tivo replies, “oh my God that helps!” The second Robbie looking at me and telling me great and smart pace. Keep that ego out of it. 1 down, 23 to go.

11:00 AM Workout 2 JT (21-15-9 of handstand pushups, ring dips, pushups): After Christina told me to drink some water and we discussed calories needed after workout 2, it was time to go. This one was pretty funny as Tivo was my partner again and was a little tired from workout 1 (come on Tivo). Right before the workout started we were discussing strategy and I asked Tivo if he was ok going smaller reps, he said yes and we really only talked about round 1, which we would go 6-5-5-5 alternating between each other until we finished every movement. The first round went somewhat according to plan. Then round 2 came and I said 4-4-4-3 and Tivo said ok. Until we hit ring dips. Then Tivo, “I’ve never done ring dips, what do I do?” Me laughing, “bitch you just did 11 of them, pull your shit together!” It was hilarious and again kept the mood light which was the ultimate goal of the day. We did finish the workout and shockingly Tivo didn’t die (he may have cried a little). The workout was about 10 minutes and done. Thank you Tivo for the first two workouts, I give you shit but I had fun.

After the workout Christina gave me a smoothie that tasted like chocolate peanut butter heaven and a lemonade coconut water mixture for electrolytes. Downed another bottle of water, dried off and put a new shirt on and got to chill for a while before workout 3.

12:00 PM Workout 3 Nate (AMRAP 20 2 muscle ups, 4 hspu and 8 KB swings): My partner on this one was Matt Thieroff which was cool because he’s former military so it had a little more meaning for me. We briefly talked about the strategy which wasn’t much other than split KB swings to save my back. Then it was 3-2-1 go. Matt and I really didn’t need to talk much during this one and just kind of tagged in and out as necessary, but we were going way faster than intended and I think Matt started to realize that. About half way through, he started taking all the KB swings and we were walking our transitions slower and slower. I think the coolest part of the event was how much the partner for the hour cared about how I was feeling and altered the game plan to help. This was the first workout where I really realized just how hot and sweaty I was. That was going to make staying hydrated extra complicated. The workout ended. Grabbed a quick thank you with Matt (not realizing I would see him again really soon), snapped our picture and then Christina handed me whatever she thought I needed that hour while reminding me to drink more water. Dried off and got a new shirt and rested the remainder of the 40 minutes. Also, during this point, someone went and got kids pools to fill with ice to help cool us off between workouts.

1:00 PM Workout 4 Adam Brown (2 rounds 24 deadlifts, 24 box jumps, 24 wall balls, 24 bench press, 24 box jumps, 24 wall balls, 24 cleans): Partner was Dayna Heat for this one. She was clutch because that deadlift and bench press was heavy. Dayna was a great partner because her sense of humor matches mine and none of it is appropriate for a blog. We did laugh and she did handle a lot of the load for bench press and deadlifts (Thanks for taking the load Dayna). The funny part of this workout, it got so damn hot, by the last set of cleans, I had stripped down to just my shorts (My shoes, socks, shirt, knee sleeves, etc were gone) and I yelled to Dayna as soon as we finish… I’m jumping in the pool. So if you followed the pictures, the entire group picture was in the pool. It was hot and needed cooled off. Of course, Christina handed me a smoothie and my electrolyte drink and then it was a complete wardrobe change.

2:00 PM Workout 5 Tommy V (21 Thrusters, 12 Rope Climbs, 15 Thrusters, 9 Rope Climbs, 9 Thrusters, 6 Rope Climbs): Matt T was my partner for this one again. This one was pretty fast and furious but we still played it smart splitting the thrusters 6-5-5-5 and then alternating every rep on rope climbs. I still felt very fresh and had to remind myself a few times to settle down during the workout. Matt had done all but one workout at this point and was starting to feel the affects. All in all, good solid workout and we got a nice extended break before the next one. In that time, Christina hooked me up with whatever (side note, it’s amazing that I didn’t even question what she handed me; I just trusted it would work and either ate or drank it). I don’t remember if it was a bowl or not at this point, I remember trying to eat something substantial somewhere around here because we had a stretch of some more strenuous workouts upcoming. Either way, I was fueled and ready for the next one.

3:00 PM Workout 6 Hildy (wearing a vest, 100 calorie row, 75 thrusters, 50 pullups, 75 wall balls, 100 calorie row): Ashli Reineck was my partner for this one. This one was the first one I had a mental battle to come over. I wouldn’t say the workout was hard per say but some shit went sideways. Ashli and I are both descent rowers so that wasn’t bad. The thrusters were a pain but manageable. The pullups. We were going to do set’s of 5 but Ashli ripped her hand by the end. So, because it’s her fault, I did a few extra pullups. On one of those extra pullups, I tore my hand. We then hit the wall balls as Tom Price was taking turns cleaning blood and taping our hands. We then finished with the row and again were completely amazed at how hot it got. This time as Christina handed me whatever (I believe it was beet juice this time) I asked if they would refill the pools with 4 bags of ice each as we needed to cool down and 4PM was a shorter workout.

4:00 PM Workout 7 Randy (75 Power Snatches 75/55): Partner was Cassandra Walter. She was awesome, even though this was a short workout. We did 10’s to start and then eventually she did 10’s to my 5’s. Nothing really major happened here as it was too quick. Immediately into the ice bath and sat for about 20 minutes to help my legs. Then changed and refueled for the 5PM workout that was going to be tough.

5:00 PM Workout 8 Riley (with a vest 1 mile run, 150 burpees, 1.5 mile run): Parter was Ashli again. I felt refreshed from a change of clothes and the ice bath. Put the vest on and was ready to pass the 1/3 mark with a bang. We started running and about 200m in, I don’t remember what happened exactly but someone slowed up and I stepped hard and I though I pulled my hamstring and stopped dead. I was concerned to say the least but Ashli’s face had me really concerned. She had this look like you just completely stopped and didn’t say a word just grabbed your hamstring. I stretched for a minute. I wasn’t sure what I could do, in that moment Mission:24 was done, I failed. Ashli urged me to just walk for a minute. We had been in an ice bath, maybe I just tightened up and needed to loosen up. We started walking and joking around, I’ll be damned if I was going to let my attitude waver. It started loosening up, we hit the 400m mark and said ok let’s take it easy and ran it in. We got in and the burpees went smooth (I was pounding water and electrolytes like crazy, Christina was already working on what I would take after the workout) and then it was back to the run. We got to the last 400m and my quads locked up for a split second, we walked for a minute and then ran it in. I thanked Ashli for not leaving me and helping me through it, she said don’t sit down or get in the ice again. Robbie told me I wasn’t allowed to sit for a while. Christina handed me a slew of things to drink and it was try to recover before the next workout. 1/3 of the way done.

I decided to split this into 3 parts to make it easier to read. Stayed tuned next week for Part 2.



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