Mission:24 Blog 6

Misson:24 Blog 6

Week of May 21-May6

Monday: The event is this Sunday and while I will still train pretty hard, this is the week we start to back it down and get more calculated with nutrition and hydration.  Today will be the only day I hit a lunch workout as my schedule doesn’t allow it again.  2 Snatch Pulls plus a Snatch up to 85% was the lunch workout.  Nothing to crazy, just under some descent weight before heading back to work.  Tonight Jarrod is coaching so I can go to my kid’s last soccer game, unfortunately it got canceled.  Fortunately, Jarrod let me hit my workouts so I had a good training day.  First up was a 30 minute EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) with Kyle and Robbie.  I know what you are thinking, Jay that has to be a typo.  It isn’t, Robbie did an extra workout with me and didn’t even complain.  The workout was alternating minute 1, 5 dumbbell hang clean and jerks per arm.  Minute 2, 40 seconds on Assault Bike at over 60 RPM.  Minute 3, 10 burpees over the dumbbell.  This was just a grinder and Kyle got a little froggy at the end and we ended up going way harder than intended but it was all in good fun.  We then moved on to 5 x 2 back squat at 305 for me.  This effing sucked.  Getting strong is tough and this just hurt.  Lots of joking and laughter and I called it a day after some GHD sit-ups and reverse hypers.  Whoop Strain: 13.5

Tuesday: Today is one of those days that just didn’t seem to flow the way it should.  Everything seemed a little off.  I’m not sure why.  I coached 5pm and 6pm classes and then jumped in with the 7pm because we had an odd number.  First time teaming with Miguel was a pleasure.  The workout, teams of 2 AMRAP 15 minutes: 50 foot handstand walk, 29 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 115/75 and 30 wall balls.  This one was just fun, I hadn’t been upside down walking on my hands since March so it just felt good to get back to something different.  Miguel kicked ass and we got somewhere around 6 rounds.  After that John Biggs and I decided to do the adder quasi as a team and no clock.  Sometimes you just need to have fun without stressing about anything other than how you feel.  The workouts was 50 foot sled push, 15 dumbbell bench press and 25 banded pull-ups.  Holy banded pull-ups Batman… that was tough!  Whoop strain: 10.6

Wednesday: The busiest days for whatever reason seem to be when I am at my best.  7:30 breakfast in Bowling Green before a 10:00 meeting in Dayton and had to be back in town by 3:00 for the dentist.  I pulled all that off and then coached the 5pm class.  Luckily Mandi helped with the 6 class so I jumped in for what can only be called the “Cory Lunsford” effect.  Every time he is around, good shit happens for me lifting.  Today was supposed to end at a double and some singles at 95% of my max clean.  After I hit my double at 235 and saw Cory’s face (he looked at me like it was way too easy).  I called an audible and looked at Tivo (update, he is still alive and recovering from last week) and said the oil is hot.  The expression came from a discussion I had a few days prior where I said sometimes the oil is hot and you have to cook, others you follow the program.  I went and grabbed some more weight and hit a feisty 255 clean PR.  I call it feisty because I caught the bar in the bottom of a squat and started screaming and yelling before I ever stood it up, really shouldn’t do that but I was fired up.  Then I broke my rule (rest on a PR) and tried 275 and almost hit it but live to fight another day.  Then hit the jerks as they were supposed to be (the oil went cold).  Then the adder with Tivo and Katie.  The adder was 4 rounds with 3 minutes rest between rounds of 15 calorie row, 20 thrusters 75/55 and 10 toes 2 bar.  This was good and a mental challenge to hold on to the thrusters.  I hit my times consistent and called it a night.  Whoop strain: 10.50

Thursday: This is it, the last day of training before the event.  I started taking pedialyte today and intend on taking it through Mission:24.  Today is going to be the last day I push it before resting and making sure my body is ready to go on Sunday.  Luckily, it’s hot as hell out.  I say luckily because I want to feel what it is going to feel like this weekend with the temperatures.  The workout was simple but brutal.  Run a mile, rest 5 minutes, run an 800, rest 3 minutes, run an 800 rest 3 minutes, run a 400, rest a minute, run a 400, rest a minute, run a 400, rest a minute and finally run a 400.  Hot and sweaty.  Pace is go, 31:21 including rest time.  Mission:24 training is over.  Whoop Strain: 13.8

Final Thoughts:  So much thought and preparation go in to an event like this.  24 hours of working out is not a smart idea, do not try it unless you have a plan.  Even then, I’m planning on shit going sideways.  Doubt is a real thing that has and probably will creep into my head several times during the day.  The key is, one rep, one hour and one workout at a time.  Don’t get ahead of myself and most importantly, have faith in the work I’ve done.

Acknowledgements: I’m probably going to forget someone, please forgive me if I do.  To Debbie, you let me do some crazy shit and you fronted a lot of time and effort into the fundraising side which this event is truly about.  Thank you so much.  To my kids, Daddy isn’t crazy and I hope I’m teaching you to chase your dreams and anything is possible, because I can’t doesn’t exist.  To Lindsay Smith, thank you for dealing with my snap decisions and handling the marketing not only for this event but for all of JG3 Fitness.  To the coaching staff, thanks for allowing people to sign up and do this with you as well, a team is only as good as its coaches and we have the best staff in the world.  To Aaron and Christina Rodriguez (CR Juices) thank you offering to DJ and handling mine and the coaches nutrition needs during the event it helps take a burden off our minds.  To Robbie Smith, you know why buddy!  To the Pemberton Family for showing me what being tough as hell really is.  To all the members of JG3, without you we are nothing.  I hope you take as much pride in what we are trying to do as I do.  To anyone who signed up to do a workout with the coaching staff or myself, thank you and see you on Sunday/Monday.

That does it for the lead up to Mission:24.  Stay tuned for the blog of the actual event after its completion.



I can’t doesn’t exist.

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