Mission:24 Blog 5

Misson:24 Blog 5

Week of May 14-May 20

Monday:  Today is going to be a tough day to fit it all in.  Lunch time, I run in and hit my 3 position snatches that went ok.  80% for a triple from 3 positions is tough so staying mentally focused on my positions was harder.  Plus the lack of a rest day and the legs didn’t feel as strong as they normally do on a Monday.  I got back to work, ate some food and worked the rest of the day.  Oh it’s important to note, I started back on Ice Age Meals this week.  Trying to dial in my hydration and nutrition leading up to the event has been key.  Working with Ice Age Meals and CR Juices has helped me eliminate some cramping issues and get closer to my goal of finishing mission:24 healthy.  Christina will also handle my nutrition during Mission:24 along with Robbie making sure I eat.  Work finishes, rush to the gym hit my Snatch Grip Push Presses which went better than normal.  Coached the 5 PM class, which is always fun when we do Olympic lifts as they are so technical.  Right into Coaching the 6PM class, then I hit the 3×3 back squat at 295 this week which was extra fun.  Coached 7 PM and then hit the 30-20-10 pistols, t2b, and db sto workout.  I don’t remember my time but I remember thinking I should’ve warmed up a little bit before jumping into a metcon.  Then I decided to forego the other adders and take a rower home with me to try to practice a later than normal workout. So there I was, in my kitchen at 9:45 PM, rower locked in for 8 x 500m intervals with 3 minutes rest.  The goal, simply stay below 1:45 per 500m.  I made my goal and that was way harder than it should’ve been but, feeling more prepared for Mission:24.  Whoop Strain: 12.8.

Tuesday: You are going to start to see a theme after today’s workout.  Today, Tyler offered to coach 6pm class so I didn’t have to be there all night.  I looked at John Biggs and asked if he wanted to be my partner, he said something about my eyes looking crazy and said no.  Tivo, you’re up!  I asked Tivo how he felt and he was somewhat confident.  He made one mistake, he said he was used to Ashli burying him in workouts that involve running; I’m not Ashli buddy!  The workout was a fifteen minute AMRAP of run 400m together, split 30 kb swings and 20 c2b pull-ups.  The first round he seemed confident.  We split everything up evenly.  We then got into, let’s bury Tivo mode.  Now let me start this out by saying, I’ve already joked with Tivo about this so I’m not being a complete asshole here.  We got to a point where we were running and I just yelled back breathe Tivo, in through your nose, out through your mouth.  He just kept looking at me like, how the hell are you calmly talking to me and smiling while I am dying?  Tivo, I’m not Ashli, running is not fun for me, but gymnastics and kb swings are my jam!   We finished the 15 minutes and Tivo layed on the ground for quite some time as we just laughed and he may have mumbled I’m a dick or something like that.  He looked like a beautifully grown ass baby!  Then I told him to shut up and get ready for the dumbbell burpee box step over workout. To his credit, Tivo stood up and got ready for it.  Which is why I’m comfortable messing with him now.  We finished that workout and then I coached 7PM class.  After that class Kyle and I decided to modify the ski erg adder and just do a 5k ski switching every 250m.  We hauled ass and destroyed our arms.  18ish minutes later, Tuesday was done.  Whoop Strain: 12.1

Wednesday: Another lunch workout of heavy, heavy cleans and jerks today.  Building to 90% which is 220 pounds for me.  No misses, I didn’t really have time to think.  Just walk in, grip the barbell and get my shit done.  These are usually the best sessions.  Tyler again offered to coach 6 PM so I was able to hit the EMOM with Chris.  This EMOM was a SOB to say the least.  30 minutes alternating 10 calories on the bike one minute and 10 bar facing burpees on the next minute.  Sounds easy enough right.  This was not easy at all, at the 6 minute mark I was thinking “Oh no, this is going to get really bad!”  At the 14 minute mark I legit was thinking I might not finish the workout.  The interesting thing about this, it never actually got any worse after the 14 minute mark.  I mean it was bad, but it was finish your round, rest about 20 seconds and then just grind through the next minute.  That was a real grinder and the best part, as I’m walking around trying to recover; Katie Brindley comes over and says, “Ok 24 minutes until you have another one!”  Thanks Katie!  I did pull off some weight vest muscle ups and hit 5 by 5 deadlift at 340 following the EMOM to end the day.  Whoop Strain: 14.3

Thursday:  Today was designed to just kick you in the gut and see if you would hold on.  The workout was simple, brutal and effective.  Triple 3’s.  3000m row, 300 double unders (jump rope with 2 revolutions of rope per jump) and finally a 3 mile run.  This was simply a test to see if the changes in my nutrition and water intake has helped enough to prevent cramping with a workout of this volume.  It took me a little over 42 minutes to complete.  A very mild calf cramp when I almost got hit by a car but it went away and my run actually got faster as I went, my fastest mile was the last one.  Followed it up with some Back Squats at my bodyweight and then a super-secret test workout that you will have to wait to see the announcement on Facebook for details.  That is it for this Thursday.  Whoop Strain: 16.5

Friday:  Today we start our coed softball league so that will make up the majority of my exercise.  We did have a quick workout called “Nasty Girls” which consists of 3 rounds of 50 air squats, 7 muscle ups and 10 hang power cleans at 135.  8:40 later and we were on to softball.  Coed softball is so much fun with our squad.  We are probably the worst team in terms of supporting each other.  You better come with some thick skin as we are going to give each other a ton of crap but laugh or butts off while doing it.  We won a game and lost a game tonight.  Early morning tomorrow with a major Mission:24 test.  Whoop Strain: 12.3

Saturday: So I had in my head for a few weeks now, the way I was going to test if I was ready for the event or not.  Truth be told, there isn’t a way to emulate 24 hours of working out so I could be way off base and in a ton of trouble on May 27.  I had warned a lot of people that they wouldn’t want to come on Saturday, but a few people were persistent in asking the start time.  The workout(s) were to be 6 by 20 minute AMRAP with four minutes rest in between (admission, I moved it to 3:30 because we started late).  We would rotate through partners and alternate between using a weight vest and not.  First up, an old friend…. Tivo.

Workout 1: with a weight vest, 20 thrusters 95/65, 10 rope climbs and 20 bar facing burpees.  Right before the workout, I looked at Tivo and said, “You can do a 95 pound thruster right?”  He looked at me like I was the stupidest human being on planet earth.  Ok mofo, I’m wearing a vest and you aren’t this should go good for you.  3.2.1 Go and Tivo quickly realized I meant doing 95 pound thrusters for sets of 10 and started looking a little less confident.  We get to the rope and my severely height challenged partner was starting to look a little gassed (seriously, you should be able to do a rope climb in under 12 pulls buddy).  Oh hey burpees and Tivo looks like someone poured a water bottle over his head and we are 5 minutes into a 20 minute workout.  I think we did 4-5 rounds and Tivo survived.  He looked very confused on why there was such a small countdown to the next 20 minute workout but he will be alright I think (editor’s note: he was not alright! Hahaha)

Workout 2: 8 muscle ups, 20 snatches 75/55 and 20 toes 2 bar.  This workout was with Kyle Tester.  This was just a grind and happy to not be wearing a weight vest.  My hands were a little sore but all in all this workout was just Kyle and I moving through a workout, the way Tivo should’ve on the last one (its ok little buddy the blog is almost over!)

Workout 3: Back to the weight vest and run 800m, 30 pull-ups, 40 push-ups and 30 wall balls.  This one with Ashli.  The run was the worst part, I don’t even think it was really that bad other than I don’t really like to run and I was getting hungry at this point (note to self, get with CR Juices about Mission:24).  30 pull-ups and 40 push-ups were fun just because Ashli is good at running and I got to get a little pay back here (it’s the little things that keep you entertained during training y’all!)  30 wall balls and this was again a descent workout.  It was around the end of this workout that I started thinking about how if I was doing a real run through, I probably should’ve thought about food.  I also realized I had stopped sweating so I drank another Kill Cliff Endure… available only at JG3 Fitness!  Getting rehydrated helped a ton with fatigue.

Workout 4: No weight vest, row 1000m and 10 back squats at 185.  This one was with Tyler but mysteriously about 16 minutes into the workout Tivo showed up (did he pass out somewhere between workout 1 and 4, I guess we will have to review the footage).  This one wasn’t bad but it showed our fatigue level as Tyler I would typical row our 500m split in 1:45 at the worst and we were rowing close to 2 minute 500’s.  This was a good one to just cruise through and reestablish some confidence in the workouts to come.

Workout 5:  Weight Vest, Run a 400, 30 kb swings and 20 box jumps.  Mandi was the partner for this one and we ran a decent pace and then cruised through the kb swings and box jumps.  I did twist my knee funny on a box jump at one point and we backed down one of the runs.  Ultimately this was just Mandi and I shooting the shit while getting some volume in.

Workout 6: Last one best one.  10 Deadlifts at 225 (hello hands!) and 20 handstand pushups.  Kyle somehow ended up my partner again here.  Kyle said it best, did someone keep pausing the clock.  This seemed to take forever.  Deadlifts were annoying but not heavy, mostly because your hands were just beat up at this point.  HSPU were fun to mess with Kyle a little just because he was trying so hard and I was able to pay him back for helping me on some muscle ups from workout 2.  The workout ended 289487928374397429082437 minutes later and Mission:24 run through was a success.  Whoop Strain: 15.0

Sunday:  So last week I said I was going to go through the last two weeks without a rest day until the two days before the event.  I also made some statements about the importance of rest days.  I can tell you without a doubt everything this week was harder than it needed to be because I wasn’t functioning the way my body should.  Today I woke up with the lowest recovery I’ve ever had on my whoop.  I had some personal shit going on and justdidn’t handle it well.  I broke off my strategy and took the day off and slept a lot.  One day doesn’t make or break your training, understanding when to and not to push is a huge part of training at a high level.  Today wasn’t the day.  Now I can hit 4 days the way I intended to.  Rest 2 days and attack the ultimate goal of finishing Mission:24 and raising money for our local VFW.

Next week you get the last lead up to the event and an in depth look at the thoughts before the event.  Then I intend on blogging the actual event itself.  Stay tuned and as always I can’t doesn’t exist.  Oh and I do love Tivo and was just messing with him.  We’ve since found his body and he is ok!


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