Mission:24 Blog 4

Mission:24 Blog 4

Week of May 7-May 13

Monday: I am home again this week so it will be a week of trying to fit in what I can, when I can.  Lunch time workouts have become a regular for me on just lifting days (I try to only lift at lunch because I don’t have time to shower as well).  I went in and hit my 3 positions snatches and snatch push press at lunch.  It is always harder to get motivated to lift heavy weight when you are solo but also causes you to use more mental energy which pays off in the long run.  It was a fun session.

Session 2 always plays out the same.  Show up to the gym about 20 minutes before class starts, “I’m going to get at least one of these pieces done before class!”  Tom Price walks in…. Tom let’s talk for 15 of the 20 minutes so I can do 20 GHD and call it a good day before class starts.  LOL.  I love being a gym owner but I suck at time management when I feel like I should give members attention.  PM Session I squatted with Tyler after the 6PM class before coaching the 7.  6 x 3 back squats at 295 was brutal but no misses and learned how to mentally fight through some doubt it always fun.  Then after the 7pm class I hit the brutal adder that was 4 rounds of 500m row, 400m run, 250m ski and 1 mile assault bike.  The bike was very challenging and made me want to quit but not a lot of negative thoughts or thoughts period.  Just a turn the brain off and go type session.  Whoop strain: 14.1.  Off to a solid start.

Tuesday:  Team day is always fun.  I was in a mood today, I don’t even know what happened or what set me off but I felt bad for whoever was going to be partnered with me because I just wanted to go hard and have some fun.  Katie, drew the short straw.  I am so sorry Katie, I didn’t know she had blood drawn earlier or I would have warned her.  I have apologized several times and she redeemed herself with a killer running session on Thursday.  It just wasn’t her day.  AMRAP 18 of 200m run together, 20 SDHP and 20 HSPU.  I have no clue how many rounds we did but it was a really solid workout.  Unfortunately as I was trying one of the adders, I kept dealing w cramps so I called it a day early.  It’s always important to understand your body and more importantly; don’t push through when it’s giving warning signs.  Today was not Mission:24, so who cares if I have to stop.  Whoop strain: 11.4.

Wednesday:  Today was an interesting day.  My lifting session at lunch was really challenging.  Cleans are usually my strong lift, I ended up missing my last lift of my first triple at 90%.  It was the first clean I’ve missed in the program that we started six weeks ago.  It severely pissed me off.  It made me so mad, I started arguing with all the various voices inside my head.  I would walk up to the bar, one would doubt if I would make it, one would tell me I wouldn’t make it.  Then I’d catch myself out loud saying, good doubt yourself… then hit the fucking lift anyway.  It was like that the entire 35-40 minutes I lifted at lunch.  Hulk smash some food and then back to work.

The PM Session was pretty basic, it was 5 x 5 deadlift at 315.  Before that I would do a EMOM 21 of Fat Bar Thrusters 10 reps on minute 1, 10 lateral burpees over bar on minutes 2, 30 second ski at a 2:00 per 500m pace for minute 3.  Repeat 7 times.  This one was just about proving to myself that I could maintain quicker than 20 seconds for thrusters and burpees and then just hold on for the ski.  Whoop strain 12.2.

Thursday:  You ever have a day where you just don’t seem to get going no matter how hard you try.  That was today for me.  I woke up with severe plantar fasciitis from not wearing running shoes on Tuesday (I actually woke up with that on Wednesday but today I really noticed it because it was running day).  I decided not to go at lunch and lift because I was in a pissy mood.  I showed up in the evening and did 10 x 200m max effort rows with 2 minutes rest in between.  It felt amazing but my strain didn’t seem to match the effort I thought I put in.  I then did the snatches which went ok, just ok.  Then did weight vest ten rounds of chest to bar Cindy.  Still didn’t match the effort I felt I put in.  Today was just one of those chalk it up days.  Whoop strain 9.7.

Friday:  This will be a planned low volume day.  We are taking Joe P to dinner as a #fitfam tonight and I need to go early to buy new running shoes.  So today will be very quick.  5 rounds 20 medball cleans 10 push press 115 in 6:55.  Let’s go eat!

Saturday:  I’m not going to earn a lot of friends in the early class today.  I know this group comes in expecting a little bit more volume than normal but a 50 minute weight vest workout after a ton of heavy snatches and clean and jerks will probably get me some middle fingers.

Snatches up to 95% for a single.  This one gets a middle finger from me.  I don’t know why or what happened, 85% felt amazing but 90% wasn’t happening.  Two misses in a row and I called it a snatch session.  Athletes, don’t practice missing.  Put your fucking ego aside, practicing missing is for the immature athlete who doesn’t realize a day doesn’t make or break your training.  Some days, brains over muscles.

Clean and Jerks ups to 95% for a single.  For as bad as the snatch session went, choosing to stop on my own to regroup the brain helped big time.  I hit 235 for a clean and jerk for only the 3rd time in my life.  So I’d call that a success.

Metcon, my bad everyone.  3 rounds all with the weight vest, 1 mile run together, 50 burpees (split), 50 DB Snatches (split) and 4 rope climbs.  This was fun, minus the run.  It took roughly 50 minutes and then it was time to coach.  Whoop strain: 15.0.

Sunday:  Oh shit bonus day!  Here’s a disclaimer and a nice little rant to start off Sunday.  Rest days are important.  I don’t give a shit if you are Mat Fraser and Tia Toomey (current fittest people on earth), they take rest days.  To push through on most normal training is lost opportunities on growth.  If you don’t know how to take a rest day, reading books and getting away from “training world” goes a long way to prevent burnout and allows you to grow as an athlete.

Anyway, I always take Sunday off to reset my mind and just get away from the stress I put on my body throughout the week.  In discussing with some of my coaches and others, Mission:24 may bring situations where I don’t feel the greatest.  So I decided to do 19 days of training in a row just to get used to not feeling the greatest.  Then I will take the Friday before Mission:24 off and the Saturday before I will do a recovery row.  It is Mother’s Day, I don’t want to go to the gym, so I just practiced something I hated and went for a 3 mile run with the dogs.  Whoop Strain: 12.9.

Productive week and we are in the home stretch.  Lindsay will love this week’s word count again.  See you next week.



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