Mission:24 Blog 3

Misson:24 Blog Three

Week of April 30-May5

Monday: This week is going to be a tough one, lots of drive and fly time and limited opportunities to workout.  I woke up and hit the 3 position snatches, snatch push press, heavy back squats and the row and burpee over rower workouts and then had to pack my bags and head to the airport.  I was flying to Dallas then had to drive three hours to closer to Houston for meetings in the morning.  For those who don’t understand travel, this was a DAY. I was delayed out of Detroit, finally got into Dallas at about eight PM, then was starving.  My coworker and I stopped for food and rolled into Cleveland, TX at about midnight local time (that’s 1 AM Ohio time).  Great start to the week, whoop strain 10.3.

Tuesday:  Today is going to be an epic shit storm in terms of schedule.  Breakfast meeting, hour and a half break, lunch meeting, and then some appointments followed up by a dinner meeting.  I did have time to ask some people for workout but in reality, today I had some unfinished business with a certain style workout.  Last Thursday really wrecked me with running and burpees, so today’s workout (against Coach Carrie Mayle’s orders) was 8 rounds 800m treadmill run and 30 burpees.  It’s time for today’s edition of, what’s in Jay’s head.

Round 1: Today, we are working on the shit you coach people on, no negativity… PERIOD.  Smooth 4 minute 800, don’t go too hard on the burpees here, 7 minute rounds.  Just be smart and do 7 minute rounds.  Oh awesome 6:15 first round, it’s ok. Time for a drink of water.

Round 2: Not using a weight vest really makes a difference doesn’t it, hey relax it is only round two.  Smooth 4 minute 800, another around 6-6:30 minute round.  Drink of water.

Round 3: This new shirt Tyler got me that says work hard, is really nice.  Nice and black but nice (watch it dickhead that’s close to complaining).  Ok no more complaining, let’s just watch how you look running in this mirror.  Yeah, we don’t need mirrors at the gym. Hey look the 800m is done.  30 burpees.  Wow, I’ve done so many burpees lately, this is the rest period.  Winning.

Round 4: Mind pretty much blank, just feel the pace.

Round 5: was interrupted by my coworker calling me a dumbass and telling me not to be late for our meeting. Thanks for reminding me I have to pick up the pace.  Or at least hold the pace.  Wow, I shouldn’t have done math, I am already at 2 miles running and 120 burpees.  Ok look 800m done.  30 burpees again was a little breather when backing it down to about 10-12 a minute pace.

Round 6-7: don’t think bad thoughts, you are fine.  You can do anything if you don’t complain.  Practice what you preach.

Round 8: Wow you are in the last round.  Weight vests either make a huge difference or you were a big baby last week.  Probably the latter because well…. You are a…. hey look 800 m run done.  30 burpees and it’s all over.  Time 56:49.  Day strain: 15.3.  Good day for limited time.

Wednesday:  Early ass wake up call, drive to Dallas for a 10:30 meeting.  In meeting majority of the day, only about 45 minutes total to workout.  I text Coach Carrie for a workout, which by the way, she’s crazy.  HS walk the hallway, box jump the bed, hs walk the parking lot… Carrie, I love the enthusiasm but settle the fuck down and give me something I can do with my body and not pissing the entire hotel off.  So anyway, we came up with 10 rounds 6 flights of stairs up, 20 pushups, 20 squats, and 6 flights of stairs down.  This was fun and completely different than what I normally do on the road.  22:10 and my calves were lit up.  Then I went bowling with my coworker and called it a night because we had early flights the next day.  Whoop strain 10.9.

Thursday: Today is going to be a day, early morning wake up call to fly home.  Get to airport and get plenty of caffeine, then delayed on the tarmac.  I’m going to miss my second flight.  I can feel it.  Weather makes it bumpy as hell, I land 5 minutes before my second flight and luckily for me Southwest Airlines doesn’t leave passengers behind.  So I made my second flight.  Anyway fly all day, get home to surprise the kids by picking them up from school.  Go home and change then come in early to hit the Thruster/Rope Climb workout (my legs didn’t want to work very well.) Then coached 5, did my snatches and cleans at 6.  Then the Pemberton clan came in at 7.  We decided to make Alayna and Taylor do a workout with us, so we did an EMOM 21 rotating 15 cal row/12 cal bike/10 cal ski.  That wasn’t fun but the days training was complete.  Whoop strain: 14.2.

Friday: Today is going to be a fun day because my kids and I are running May the 4th be with you Wookie Kids 1k and Adults 4k run in Levis Commons.  I’m not a huge runner but this was a fun one to do.  The 4k shouldn’t have been as hard as it was but it was windy as hell and my giant ego got in the way at the start.  The plan was 7:30-8 minute miles and I came out of the gate at a 7:02, I eventually… totally on purpose not at all because I was tired ;)… backed it down and finished in 18:30.  That’s it for today.

Saturday: Stat CrossFit and JG3 has had a great relationship since we did their Veterans Day competition the first time in 2016.  We came back in 2017 and then they did a visit to our gym in January 2018.  This time we were going to go check out their new gym and get a workout in for Joe P.  Before we went, a few of us came in and did Snatches and Clean and Jerks up to 93% just to work our volume for Mission:24.  We then jumped in the truck and visited Stat.  It was an emotional day because we did and intro and talked about what Joe and the Pemberton’s were going through but Stat is like our sibling gym so they supported and bought close to 30 shirts to help.  The workouts were all based around JoeP and his favorite things or birth year but were designed to be team workouts.  We carried sandbags, we carried people, we flipped tires, we pushed sleds, we climbed ropes, we did the assault bike and we had to work as team to move a “worm” (google Rogue Worm).  All in all it was an amazing end to yet another busy week.  Whoop strain: 13.3.

Thank you and see you next week.


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