Mission:24 Blog One (Part 1 of 2)

Recently we were at Kill Cliff headquarters and they were talking about chronicling Austin Cahoy’s transition from team to individual competitor and it struck an idea to give you all a firsthand look into the preparations for Mission:24.  Each week, I will chronicle the thoughts and training that goes on as we get closer to the event.

This week you are getting a two week preview (you will see why in the middle of the blog).  April 9-12 I was scheduled to be at a trade show in Atlanta, GA.  It’s never an easy week to get training in when you work trade shows; they are long, boring and usually have “after parties” that take you well into the night.  Luckily this week I had a familiar face around, our marketing manager Lindsay Smith.  Monday I got up early, flew to Atlanta, worked until about 8:30 PM then hit the hotel gym immediately.  The goal was simple, sweat for 30-45 minutes and just get some volume in.  30 minutes of intervals on the hotel bike then some 1 minute on 1 minute off burpees that totaled about 150 burpees and I was ready to call it a night.  Tomorrow would be really stressful and we were going to try to find time to drop into CrossFit Downtown Atlanta.

Tuesday, wake up at 6:30 AM, breakfast, meeting, show from 10-4:45 then jump in a cab with Lindsay, run our assed upstairs to change, jump in another cab.  Show up to CrossFit Downtown Atlanta with about a minute to spare.  We met one of my vendors there so it was “technically a work meeting” of sorts.  This was a fun day for being on the road as I typically don’t get to touch a barbell.  3 rep max (drop each time) deadlift in 20 minutes, I capped myself at 365 since I haven’t tested the hamstring since I injured it before open.  Then 3 rds of 20 deadlift 185/135 and 20 bar facing burpees which I completed in 7:30ish (I don’t remember exact time).  We then did 5 rds of C2B Cindy for skill work.  Then went and hulk smashed some food.

Wednesday was really hectic trying to fit Kill Cliff visit into our schedules.  Luckily we made it happen.  After an amazing tour and learning some Kill Cliff secrets (Shhhhh) we got to hit a quick workout in the Kill Cliff gym.  We ended up hitting a complex, Power Clean, Hang squat clean, Jerk for a heavy single (we didn’t want to sweat for an evening meeting).  Then did for quality 1-5 Clean and Jerks at 165 (I don’t remember her weight SORRY LINDSAY) and I did Ring Muscle ups she did C2B.  Then we got an ice cold Kill Cliff, the official recovery drink of JG3 Fitness and headed out to our meetings.  2 days on the road with a barbell I was stoked.

Thursday I had an early wake up call to make my flight home.  I got home, hit the snatch complexes, clean complexes and the back squats.  Then did the 8 x 400m run with a weight vest.  Then went to my baby girl’s school play.  She did amazing and had a speaking part…. Yes my daughter is awesome!

Friday… this is why we are delayed a week.  I’m not getting into any of the negatives, I’m not going to give this fucking disease what it wants.   Our very dear friend and member Joe Pemberton got some bad news Friday and was rushed to the hospital and well if you follow Facebook or any of our pages you know the rest.  Fuck Cancer… #joepstrong #freshoutofbubblegum

Saturday, we all wanted to fight for Joe, Carey, Taylor and Alayna.  I pre warned the early crew.  If you coming, come ready for a bitch of a workout.  We did the snatches and clean and jerks first.  Then split into guy/girl pairs.  Ashli was my partner.  We did 35 minute AMRAP w/ weight vest, run 800m/4 rope climbs/ 20 thrusters 75/55/ 20 c2b pullups.  Rest 5 minutes.  35 minute AMRAP no vest 20 cal assault bike/20 partner deadlifts/20 synchro burpees over bar/20 HSPU.  I have no clue how many rounds we did, but we made it hurt.  Successful week one.

That’s a glimpse of my life for week one of Mission:24 training.  As I catch up, I will give more detail on thoughts and what not.  Just been a busy two weeks.  Part 2 drops soon.



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