Mission:24 Blog 1 Part 2 of 2

Mission:24 Blog 1 part 2 of 2

We ended part 1 with a killer workout in honor of JoeP and this week (April 16-21) started off with a long ass day and as you will read, lots of self-doubt.

Monday: I was driving to Green Bay today so I decided to go workout and get at least an extra day with a barbell in before hitting the road.  I showed up to the gym and Chris was meeting Jeremy there to go visit with Joe, so I got some unexpected company.  I quickly hit my 2 snatch pulls and 2 snatches workout that ended at 78% for me.  Nothing crazy, just a little squatting and mobility work before an eight hour car ride.  I then went home and did some emails, packed and hit the road.  For those of you who don’t travel, you have to be pretty comfortable with yourself and the shit you are dealing with because you spend a lot of time alone.  Eight hours in the truck was not what I needed with everything going on.  I kept finding reasons to stop, kill time, get out of the truck etc.  What should’ve been a smooth drive turned into about an hour longer than I wanted it to.  Pulled in to Appleton, WI (suburb of Green Bay) met my coworker for a quick dinner at Outback Steakhouse and then it was time to get after a workout.  I needed something tougher than I was willing to make up so a handful of people gave me suggestions, Ashli’s was the worst because she not only gave me a workout but also gave me a time to hit.  Disclaimer: I didn’t want to do this fucking workout.  I was tired, it was now 8:30 PM central time, I had a list of excuses but I had to start testing myself with Mission:24 coming.  The workout was 3 rds of 1 mile on the treadmill and 25 burpees, Simple and Brutal.  Goal time was 36 minutes or less.  Have you ever run on a treadmill?  It is so fucking boring I wanted to rip my eyes out just to entertain myself.  My goal to survive the run at like an 8-9 minute mile and push the burpees.  I ended up with a 30:55 overall time.  Then for the hell of it (FITNESS SHOULD BE FUN) I busted out Derek Weida’s ARMAGGEDON.  Time for bed.  Another long day tomorrow.

Tuesday:  6:15 wake up call for a 6:30 breakfast meeting then 5 stops throughout Green Bay before ending the day in Escanaba, MI.  I was not in a good mood today.  Our customer decided for the group that lunch didn’t matter and I became very irritable and downright pissed off.  I believe the expression is HANGRY.  We did stop for dinner around 6pm before the 2 hour hike up to Escanaba.  At this point it is 8:30 at night (yes that’s a 14 hour day) and we checked into the Quality Inn.  This town is so small that was the best hotel we could find.  This time, I really fucked up.  I asked Carrie Mayle for a workout.  She was already pissed I didn’t do her workout the day before.  So she did what Carrie does, she made yesterday’s workout damn near impossible.  3 rounds 1 mile treadmill run, 40 air squats, 30 hand release pushups, 20 weighted pistols (20lb db) and 10 burpees over the db.  I’m going to describe this one in a little more detail because this workout scared the hell out of me.

Round 1: 8 min mile, quickly through squats and pushups (all day baby, she isn’t breaking me) then we hit the pistols.  HMMM legs don’t feel that great now Jay, what’s going on here?  You’ll be fine just one rep at a time.  10 burpees over DB (easy… let’s get this shit over with)

Round 2: WTF is going on with your legs bro?  You are trying to run right?  It has to be 8:34 and a mile by now right?  2 minutes…. I’m in trouble.  How the hell do you expect to do 24 workouts in 24 hours you dumb, arrogant mofo?  Ok it’s been 4 minutes now.  At least arguing with yourself killed 2 minutes.  Singing to myself (this treadmill sucks, Carrie is an evil…. Be nice Jay she might read this).  Ok 1 mile done.  40 air squats (oh at least these are a rest), 30 hand release pushup (I got pushups all day) 20 pistols (someone cut my legs off, seriously?  I’m an idiot.  This hurts so bad and I still have a round.  How long have I been working out now?  30 minutes…. Dude you have another round left.  10 burpees and its one last round.

Round 3: Maybe I should walk this mile?  Don’t be a wuss, you are training for a bigger purpose… oh you are going to walk anyway?  Ok, what would JoeP do?  There you go running for a little bit.  I’d love to say my mind went blank but you get the point I was dying.  10 minutes later I got off the treadmill and again rushed through air squats and pushups.  The pistols stole my soul and then I finished the burpees with a final time around 45 minutes.  I text Carrie that I hated her (that’s not really a lie, Carrie if you are reading this… I hate you for that workout! Ok maybe strongly dislike).  Grabbed a snack and bed.

Wednesday: Wake up, 3 hour meeting/site visit for work.  Drive 2 hours back to Green Bay with my customer.  Hit my truck and I’m thinking I’m going to make it home.  Unfortunately, it’s the Midwest in April, I got caught in a damn snow storm so I made it to just outside of Chicago before pulling over and calling it a night.  8:30 PM central time, that’s another 12 hour day.  Checked into the Holiday Inn Express… decided not to text anyone for a workout idea and just make one up. I did end up texting Chris Paye the workout I intended on doing (mostly because I made him do it a while back), 50 man makers for time with 35 lb db’s.  For those of you who don’t know.  A man maker is when you hold db’s in each hand, jump to a plank, do a pushup, do a row from a plank position per arm, and then jump to a squat clean thruster.  Yeah, let’s not ask anyone for a killer workout so we can take it easy tonight Jay… you damn moron.  15 reps in, I legit thought of quitting but remembered I text Chris I was doing the workout and would never have lived it down.  So oddly enough, I turned my mind off and just thought, one rep at a time.  Just finish this one rep and that’s one less you have to do.  50 man makers done in right under 20 minutes.  Now as I lay here in a pool of my own sweat and stare at the shadow of a man in the mirror, I’m once again reminded of how serious 24 hero workouts in 24 hours will be.  I grab some food and tell myself I am sleeping in tomorrow so I can recover from what’s been a very brutal week.

Thursday: Did you say sleep in?  HA this big ass window with the sun behind it feels differently buddy.  I guess we are up and moving much earlier than intended.  That’s ok though, got some emails and phone calls in, I’m going to hit the road and go see JoeP on my way home.  I did get to stop in Toledo and talk to Joe, Carey and Taylor for about an hour before having to hit the road to make it back for class.  His positive attitude was so contagious, it just made me want to really get after the workout.  I walked into JG3 for classes, made everyone throw a weight vest on and we did 4 x 800m runs on about a 3:30 pace.  Rested a few minutes, then hit snatches, cleans and back squats.  I coached 6 and 7 and decided to finish out my night with Mandi/Kyle and the Lunsford’s for the 100-80-60-40-20 DU 10-8-6-4-2 rope climb workout.  18 minutes later, my biceps/triceps and lungs were bleeding and another successful day was completed.

Friday:  I told Mandi, no matter what I am only doing the 1k row today.  I need a recovery (ish) day.  I made Robbie wait to go against me in class so I didn’t sandbag the row.  Tied my PR at 3:19 which I’ll take after a week like I had.  Then I was done for the day, like I had promised….. Except I changed my mind.  Mr. Tivo decided he wanted a little extra since his ankle was all busted up.  So we did 5 rounds 25 foot handstand walk, 10 db snatches, 25 foot hs walk, and 20 hand release pushups.  That was enough because I knew the hell I had planned for Saturday morning.

Saturday:  Saturday mornings are my favorite.  I love coaching more than anything, but Saturday I get to show up and just tell people what we are doing and be an athlete first (until 9 when I coach).  We met at 7 am this week so we had 2 hours to get some high quality work in.  Snatches up to 90% which is essentially my bodyweight and Clean and Jerks up to 90% which is well over my body weight.  The goal no misses…. I had 1 but Mr. Paye (love you buddy) had 4 (it’s tough being fit like Chris!)  We finished this by about 8 and it was time for the 35 minute AMRAP that was on the board.  Chris was my partner and it was 400m run, 20 SDHP 95/65, 20 Bar Muscle Ups, 400m run, 40 wall balls and finally 20 ring muscle ups.  We hit 3 full rounds and outside of my bicep blowing up and the ring muscle ups falling down to 3’s at the end, it was a successful morning.  By the time we got everything set up and tore down, it was time for me to coach 9 am.  My week was done as tomorrow is a planned rest day.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned next week for the road to Mission:24!


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