Open Part 3

This week, part 3 of our Open blog series.  Before we get to the members comments, here’s a fun fact and a video showing the statistics and some cool pictures of people in the open.  In 2016, 324,307 participants from 175 countries competed in the CrossFit Open.

Today’s blog will be a little different, I’m just going to put the little snippet of information that each person gave me about their experience:

Jarrod Hunt:

For me, The CrossFit Open is not an online competition.  The Open is an opportunity for us to gather as a community to discover new things about ourselves while celebrating victories with each other.  The moments that stand out for me are always looking out over the crowd of members that are so passionately cheering on their fitfam and are genuinely excited when they finish.  I love the energy it brings from the time we gather around the TV for the reveal, to the time when we each finish.


Lindsay Smith:

Last year was my first time competition in the Open.  I truly enjoyed the atmosphere—the energy at JG3Fitness was completely remarkable. The Open, while still a competition, felt more like a personal accomplishment rather than an athletic obstacle. It was awesome to “compete” against  professional athletes along with everyone else in the world!


Morgan Johnson:


The Open is an opportunity to test my limits, expose my strengths and weaknesses and have an awesome time with my JG3 family!

As for moments:

17.1: my first ever open workout.  I remember being nervous, but once that clock started, my competitive instinct took over and in my mind all I heard was “just go!”

17.3: Squat snatches at increasing weights… I got further than I first thought I would.  I struggle with this movement but all I remember is being the only one left working and I was surrounded by my husband and so many JG3 members.  They were cheering so loud and it truly got me through the remainder of the workout until I hit the time cap.  I ended up hitting multiple squat snatches at a weight that was my known one rep max at the time.

Angie Hunt:

With the Open, strengths and weaknesses are constantly changing, new goals are being set all the time.  For me, that’s exactly what the Open highlights.   I get the opportunity to see how far I’ve come and what skills I want to work on.  The best part is that it’s among family, a family of athletes that have one common goal, to support and encourage each other every step of the way.


Joe Pemberton (summary from a conversation):

It’s about proving to yourself what you can do when you eliminate “I can’t” and encouraging others to do their best.  For me, hitting my first pull-up with my daughter and wife watching, those are the moments.  The joy I get out of then watching my wife crush the workouts.  We fresh out of bubble gum at JG3 this year, tighten the roof down because it’s going to blow off.



As always, thanks for reading and I can’t doesn’t exist.


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