Recently at our Anniversary Party our big giveaway was a Whoop Strap 2.0, which is a wearable fitness tracker.  The big winner (pictured above) was Erin Wax.  After doing the giveaway, I figured it would be good to describe why I find this tool so valuable and what it teaches you as an athlete/individual trying to live a healthier lifestyle.  Here is a great YouTube video on the Whoop Strap in their words https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTZ21g4f5Wk

I started using the Whoop Strap in April after a conversation with CrossFit Games Athlete Sam Dancer.  I was asking him about how to taper for Mayhem for Mustard Seed Ranch and he said everyone is different and if you can afford it, get a Whoop and then gave me a discount code.  That was all it took for me.  Below is a picture of the “home screen” on your app giving you the details about your day.  

On this particular day, I was on vacation so I did some weightlifting earlier in the day and then some conditioning and other accessory work after the morning class.  The main points of interest here are your daily strain(workouts or just general stress), your daily recovery and your daily sleep.  Below is a screen shot of my 30 day average.  Here is points out my 30 day average for heart rate variability, resting heart rate and max heart rate.  It also gives me my average sleep performance

Some cool features that are newer are your weekly average, this allows you to make adjustments weekly rather than monthly and gives you some training tips.  During this week, since I was on vacation, my recovery was really good (SLEEP MATTERS!) and it was difficult to get my strain up to the recommended levels.  The higher the recovery, the more strain you can take on.  From left to right below weekly averages of sleep, recovery, strain versus recover, strain.

The single most important feature that I have gained from the Whoop is the importance of sleep.  Not only in what’s important but that not all sleep is equal.  8 hours of light and restless sleep gives you a much different response than more deep sleep.  It can be caused from stress or soreness or a number of factors.  Every morning when you wake up, it asks you about your pre bedtime rituals and whether or not you shared your bed.  This allows you to go back and evaluate whether or not that Netflix or Beer before bed was really beneficial or not.  During this particular day, I didn’t get as much deep sleep as normal and it affected my recovery a little.  I do not remember what exactly I did but I know my diet and caffeine intake affected my sleep a few days on vacation…. OK OK it was probably alcohol consumption!  See below for the details.  

I am in no way affiliated with Whoop, but if this article made you think that maybe you should monitor your performance, check them out at http://whoop.com, If you have any questions about it, there are quite a few of the coaching staff and athletes wearing them now.  The only negative I can say about them is that it takes a while to find the perfect comfortable spot to wear them; wrist seems to be the most consistent, bicep is comfortable to some but I find the data to be the least consistent there as the strap gets bounced around a lot and I am the minority that wears it on my upper forearm.  Either way, if you see one of us wearing them or want more information, please let me know.

Thanks and as always, I can’t doesn’t exist.




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