The CrossFit Open Part 2

So last week we gave the bare bones on what the CrossFit Open actually was, this week why does it matter specifically to JG3 Fitness?  Two reasons that I will elaborate on and then we will get to the logistics of how 2018 will work: one, to challenge yourself in a unique setting and two, community.  Above is a compilation video from the 2016 open that shows a little bit about what I am describing.

First, every week I program workouts to get our members a specific stimulus and hopefully increase either their strength numbers, endurance or general skill set.  During this five week period, we get to see what we’ve learned over the past year or get a baseline for future years.   It allows the coaching staff to evaluate you as an athlete in a new way, how quickly do you adapt to circumstances that you may or may not have known were coming.  It also allows you to face the unique challenge of trying to figure out a game plan and either execute it as yourself and the coaches drew it up or come off the game plan if it turns out to be a bad one.

Second, and in my opinion more importantly, you get to feel what community is all about.  In part three we will get into the members takes on the past Open’s but here is a brief version of mine.  I do not want to make anyone feel as though they don’t cheer loud and proudly for everyone because I think we have all had someone who uplifted them over the past three Opens.  I will use my personal example of Joe Pemberton.  Joe P is always running around and in my face telling me inspirational things or just flat out telling me I’m not close to done yet and this is my moment.  It sounds crazy when typing it, but he seriously gives you energy when you need it most.  That is the coolest part of the Open to me, we hope to get back to doing the recap videos that we did a few years ago.  In those videos, the performances were secondary and the smiles and cheers seemed to take center stage… to me that screams what the Open truly is about: community!

Lastly, some changes in the logistics of how the 2018 Open season will work at JG3 Fitness.  First, the Open will only be available at no charge on Friday.  If you cannot make Friday, want to redo the workout or any other unforeseen circumstance, you will have to pay for the coach/judge/use of the gym.  We haven’t determined the exact amount yet but are leaning towards a $10 fee.  Second, you must use a judge that is assigned by Jay or Debbie: we are requiring anyone that wants to be a judge to take the judges course that way we complete everything to the fullest standard and leave no doubt that it was done correctly.  Lastly, once a judge is assigned to you, we will assign you a heat and location for the video to be done (we will be attempting to do at least 3 people per heat for most workouts) and then whoever does your video will get you a copy of the video that is ready for submission to CrossFit.  When the entire staff got together, this seemed to be the best route for the most enjoyable experience.  It allows you to worry about the workout and only the workout.  Any questions please see Jay.

Stay tuned next week for the members take on the CrossFit Open.

Thanks and as always I can’t doesn’t exist!


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