The CrossFit Open Part 1

Today we start a 3 part series on the CrossFit Open.  Part 1, what is the Open.  Part 2, JG3’s take on the Open and why it matters.  Part 3, remembering past opens from a member perspective.

So what is the CrossFit Open.  In 2011, the Open was started as the first step in qualifying for the CrossFit Games in a series of workouts. Where athletes from all around the world compete for a spot in the CrossFit games. The top 25 athletes from every region qualify for regionals and then and compete for a spot at the CrossFit Games.

Most athletes who compete in the Open, however are never going to make the CrossFit Games.  It’s the truth.  So why do 500,000 people sign up for the Open every year.  To challenge themselves and to see how much they’ve progressed in against everyone on the same scale as an elite athlete or the brand new athlete (yes for the Open you are an athlete!) The Open allows for athletes to determine based on their skill set whether they want to compete in the scaled or RX workouts.

The Open starts on February 22 and runs every weekend through March 26 this year.  Every Thursday Dave Castro, the founder of the CrossFit Games, will announce the workout (18.1-18.5). Every Friday athletes competing in the Open at JG3 will do the workout that was announced the Thursday before. The Coaches of JG3 will judge and video tape the workouts to be submitted to the Open score board. The score board will show where each athlete stands in the entire world—including against the professional athletes of CrossFit.

Check out week 2 for why it matters and my personal take on the Open (along with some 2018 guidelines specific to JG3 Fitness).

As always, I can’t doesn’t exist (unless you want penalty burpees!)



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