I Have a Dream!

Today, we remember one of the most influential and positive Americans to have ever lived.  Martin Luther King Jr delivered his famous speech that is most commonly known for “I have a dream” and “free at last! Free at last”  There are a lot of thoughts and feelings I still get reading that famous speech, even more powerful when listening to that speech.

When listening to that speech and trying to wrap my brain around what it was that King (along with many other minorities) was dealing with at that time, I am in awe of how he organized and delivered his message with such positivity and avoided violence in a world that seems to thrive on violence.  By no means am I going to compare what I go through on a daily basis to Martin Luther King Jr.  What I do want to talk about, is how having a dream, a plan and a positive mindset can help you accomplish way more than you ever thought possible… even if you fall short of your ultimate goal.

Middle of 2013, I had a dream to become a personal trainer to help people with chronic injuries deal with them and improve their quality of life just like I was learning to do that year.  I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer in December of 2013 and what is now JG3 Fitness began.  That first year I learned that chronic injuries is a very targeted market so I had to adjust my plan and that eventually led to the opening of JG3 Fitness as a full gym in January of 2015.

Once we opened the gym, we had our logo redesigned and our only rule was that “I can’t doesn’t exist” be included in the logo.  That was the very message that we were delivering.  While it may not be significant to many people, I can’t doesn’t exist means that if you believe you can do it, anything is possible.  I have a dream in that speech was way more than words, it was the conviction with which he believed in his dream.  That is how I feel about not using the words I can’t.  I use them on accident at times and I give myself a twenty burpee penalty because a positive mindset is the only way to get a positive outcome.

My dream in terms of JG3 Fitness now, you could call it a mission state, inclusion.  Inclusion, regardless of skill, weight, background, goal, look, etc.  When you walk in the doors, I hope that you feel welcome immediately.  I hope that you see the PR and Goal board and feel inspired to add your goal to the board and know that you have people here that will support you and become important parts of your life that you didn’t know you needed.  I can speak from experience, that has happened to Debbie and I at the gym.

So today, as our country honors Martin Luther King Jr. and the great changes he led in this country; don’t forget to dream and aim as high as you can.  As always I can’t doesn’t exist.  Catch you next week.


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