Act Right, Get Treated Better!

I had an entire blog planned out this week, but it is going to get pushed a week.  This past weekend, we took 12 athletes to the Stat Veteran’s Day Competition and I think enough happened that it warrants it’s own blog.  Now this isn’t to necessarily talk about the results of the event, even though our teams did really well.  It is more to talk about the reaction that our team generated by it’s actions.

5:15 AM: 12 athletes and 2 significant others board a bus, extremely tired but ready to embark into a competition at Stat CrossFit in Avon, OH.  The interesting thing, it was a 13 person bus, so naturally instead of splitting up the family, we crammed in and I got to sit on a camping chair in the back with all the coolers and bags.  Now this might seem like a small ordeal, but this reminded me of the college sporting trips, the team traveled together unless it was a home event… PERIOD.

6:30 AM: After some laughing and joking around, we pull into Stat CrossFit for registration.  Trudy and Tony immediately recognized the majority of us from last year and welcomed us back to this year’s competition.  Joe Pemberton said it best, “you have the roof bolted down right, because we are going to blow it off today!” We set up in the athlete area and begin messing around on the equipment and getting ready for the day to come.  Everyone knew that we had our 6 teams in the first 5 heats and our goal was to not just be the biggest team, but be the loudest team and to cheer for the family and help them in any way we could.

Murph:  We had some ups and downs here.  Jarrod and Katie started us off and we learned really quickly that the judging was going to be strict in some spots and not so strict in others.  Jarrod and Katie took it with a smile and did their best and just walked back telling everyone to exaggerate the standard if we have to, but don’t get frustrated.  This type of inter team communication is what makes good teams great.  Mandi and Morgan really get the kudos for this event as, they went from being concerned about pullups to both having sub 8 minute 1/4 Murph team times.  Which is amazing progress and goes to show just how determined they were.  Also we had lots of teammates warning others about how cold it was outside and when you turned into the wind, to be prepared for the fireball that will enter your chest and not leave for about 15 minutes.

Omar:  This is where I feel you could shoutout to almost anyone on our team.  Jarrod laughing and trying to get Katie to enjoy a miserable workout.  Katie never giving up and even doing a “dead fish” burpee.  Joe Pemberton screaming I’m all out of bubble gum in the middle of a workout while Carey laughs at him (on the bus Joe said he is getting to old: he either needs to chew bubble gum or kick some ass… and he’s all out of bubble gum).  Mandi and Sammie destroying the workout.  Carrie helping me through the pain tunnel when I was on the struggle bus.  Jeremy and Morgan for being like robots meant to keep moving!  This MVP goes to Ashli Reineck though.  Ashli has always had that mental block that when she doubts, the performance falls off.  During this workout (and I encourage you to watch it on our FB page or her page if you haven’t seen it yet), you can see her start to believer in herself.  It helps that her partner was screaming encouraging words the entire time.  After this event it looked like two of our teams had legit shots at finals and workout 3 was going to be the JG3 Show.

Whitten:  This one the MVP goes to Debbie and Lisa Kramer.  They were juggling people’s drinks all day, videoing the workouts so those who couldn’t travel could watch and just being the family that makes our gym get noticed so much!  We don’t just roll in as athletes, our family rolls in with us!  This event started with Katie and Jarrod laughing and dancing and having a good old time.  Then reporting back to everyone what they learned.  Then the Pemberton’s won their heat.  Then we had another heat win.  Then Chris and Ashli won their heat and took second in the event to secure their spot in finals.  Then Morgan and Jeremy took the team that was in first place, rep for rep until barely losing to them and taking 5th place in the event.  We took first, second and fifth in the event and if I’m not mistake all six teams were in the top ten for that event.  It was amazing.

Finals:  This one was bitter sweet for a lot of us.  As they announced the fifth place team, my heart immediately sank… I thought Chris and Ashli had just missed the final but then they got announced as the fourth place team and in the final.  Carrie and I entered the final tied for first but technically in second because of the combined age tiebreaker.  The real reason it was bitter sweet, the workout involved muscle ups and handstand pushups…. two movements that Ashli hadn’t really ever done.  Just like we always do at JG3, we encouraged and screamed and downright tried to will her to make it.  She pulled off her handstand pushups, but the muscle ups alluded her.  Fortunately for her, she fought every single second of the twelve minute time cap and showed a lion heart never giving up.  It may not have happened Saturday, but it will happen soon.  The other reason it was bitter sweet, redemption for Carrie/I muscle up event last year.

Awards Ceremony/Aftermath:  The awards ceremony was very unique (again please catch it on the JG3 Facebook page if you haven’t seen it) as they decided to have a spirit of the competition award.  This award essentially was created because of our gym.  Last year we had the most athletes and they were blown away that we brought back so many athletes that one person didn’t win the spirit award (disclaimer after a female got her first muscle up, they ended up giving her a spirit award too) but they gave the spirit award to JG3 Fitness as a whole.  Talk about being blown away.  All day we had people coming up to us remembering us for last year or thanking us for the energy we brought to the competition.  The team that ended up winning told me that they never saw me not smiling and that was something they strived for.  To me it was easy to smile as our family was getting recognized, just for being us.  I don’t see anything we did as being special, we were just a family like we always are, but as the title says act right, get treated better.

Sammie Koch and Chris Paye are not members of our gym but competed under our name.  Chris you are probably more familiar with as I have been working with him off and on for almost a year now and he’s made several trips to our gym and even competed with us at Mayhem.  Sammie, however, had never met most of us.  To hear someone from a different gym tell me that our crew is so much fun and he would love to compete with us anytime, that’s why you do what we do!  Several people have told me all the positive things that other people have said to them about our gym or messages that they got and it blows me away.  The owners of Stat even mentioned doing a traveling series with our gym and theirs just to keep in touch with each other, with positive community all things are possible.

I feel like I’m rambling a little bit here so to wrap this up and put it back into the message that I really wanted to deliver today: doing right by yourself, no matter the circumstances gets noticed for the right reasons.  12 athletes/6 teams were all competing to win the same competition, you would’ve never known by our interactions that we weren’t just a giant team trying to do right by each other.  Ego’s are a dangerous thing and I was very proud Saturday that along with “I can’t” they didn’t exist.  The bus ride home and some of the conversations had at lunch will probably never be forgotten.  We laughed, we cried, we fought, we did the little things together to strive for a common goal, winning matters… just not more than representing yourself and your family well.  Thanks to all for reading.

As always, I can’t doesn’t exist.



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