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I came across this post on Facebook the other day by one of my favorite coaches; Ben Bergeron.  It was one of those, ah ha type moments.  Everything clicked for a second and it reminded me that it is always important to remember to enjoy yourself and don’t take the little things for granted.

It’s no secret that Debbie and I like to keep ourselves busy.  With the expansion and all the extra work we’ve been putting into JG3 Fitness its easy to get distracted and feel overwhelmed by the things on our “to do” list.  I only bring this up because I am sure we all experience this around the holidays.  Right in the middle of the hectic time of everyone’s life, BOOM, a great quote that is so simple that we often forget it.

Today (written on Sunday) we got to go to our oldest’s basketball practice and Debbie commented on the size of my smile while watching my boy play basketball.  I get to do that.  My daughter was right there with us playing on the phone and asking if we could pick up the movie Secret Life of Pets after we finished working at the gym for the day… We get to do that.  Tonight, we will tuck the kids in for bed, I will write the programming for the week at JG3 Fitness (discuss it with Debbie), finish this blog and get everything around for another action packed week, we all get to do that.

This week’s challenge, enjoy yourself.  Remember you get a choice in this life and enjoy it at every turn.

Reminder: The Christmas Potluck at JG3 Fitness is this coming Saturday December 17th.  We will have a few pretty cool announcements coming, hope to see you there.  If you cannot make it…. the announcements will be posted on our Facebook and website shortly after the potluck.

I can’t doesn’t exist.

Jay Glaspy
JG3 Fitness

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