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One of the biggest things I learned at my CrossFit L1 Seminar was the importance of community inside the gym.  We were taught that more often than not, the person who finished last got far louder cheers and recognition than the person who finished first.  We were taught that the equipment should never be put away until everyone is done.  We were taught that you may meet and become friends with the greatest people in the world and that community was the most important aspect of fitness.

The first reason community in the gym is important, it makes it fun.  It makes you want to be in the gym.  It makes you realize that if you skip, people and not just the coaching staff care.  They care not just for the social aspect of functional fitness but they care about your personal wellness as much as their own.  When a new person, who may be intimidated at the thought of taking their life by the horns, walks through the door the community aspect is what puts them at ease and makes them feel like they are at home.

The other big reason community in the gym is important, it makes it ok to fail and still fight to get better.  As we talked about earlier this week, we never truly fail we just learn.  We touched on how it is ok to be pissed off about it, however if you study the picture above; the people cheering aren’t judging the person’s fitness level, no they are cheering in admiration that there is still fight in the person no matter what.  That is far more admirable than being the best at something.

This week and over the next few months, we challenge you to get to know everyone in the gym.  Cheer louder and be cheered louder than you’ve been cheered for before.  Appreciate and support each other’s successes and learning moments.  You will find a joy that you didn’t know you could feel.  It’s what makes what we do so much fun and enjoyable.  We have a shirt that says “Family” on the back.  We talk about being a family.  Let’s continue to lift each other up and support each other as we continue to see new faces in the gym.  Debbie and I are proud of what JG3 has become and we can continue that trend through continuing the items above and showing people that sometimes your biggest joys, don’t even come from your own achievements… however as a community, one person’s achievement is all of our achievement.

As always I can’t doesn’t exist.

Jay Glaspy

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