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In this life, there will always be someone more talented than you.  There will always be obstacles in your way.  There will always be adversity.  Today’s blog is about being the hardest worker in the room and how that can combat some of the obstacles you will face.

So when I was an athlete in college, I really had little business being on the team in terms of talent.  Shorter races where the cream rose to the top… I was consistently towards the bottom of the pack.  I did however want to be a division one college athlete so I asked our coach what it would take to have a meaningful role on the team.  The junk events, 500m swim/mile swim/400M IM, nobody wanted to swim those and if I wanted to work really hard, I could possibly score some points and contribute that way.  So I worked my butt off at being the guy who would keep his pace the longest or learned how to get people to swim my race, sprint the first 100 and then watch them die but have to hold on myself.  I wouldn’t advise that to anyone, it hurts but it allowed me to reach a goal of being a two time letter award winner at Cleveland State University.

When a new athlete walks in who possibly wants to compete or who just wants to lose weight, whatever the goal is; my answer generally remains the same, be the hardest worker in the room.  You will not get to your goals in life by just going through the motions.  The business man or woman who works the hardest and smartest is generally the one who is the most successful.  The person who wants to lose twenty pounds, writes down their goals and consults with their nutritionist and coaches generally are the ones who are successful.  The fitness coach who wants to become a resource and a go to for all questions health related, generally isn’t the one who shows up ten minutes before class and reads the workout and figures out his or her plan.  The ones that are really good, much like athletes, business people, parents, you name it; they are the ones who are constantly researching how to become better at what they do.  In other words, they are the hardest workers in the room.

This week, do one thing better than last week.  Spend five more minutes learning or studying your craft.  Become a better you.  I can’t doesn’t exist.
Jay Glaspy

JG3 Fitness

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