We Do Not Fail, We Learn.


So many times in life, we are afraid for all the wrong reasons.  We are afraid of our perceived failures and what people may think of our failures.  I completely understand this way of thinking as I’ve been that person before.  I’ve battled anxiety issues, I’ve battled worrying about how people with think of me if I fail at certain tasks.  In the end I’ve learned that as a whole; you don’t fail, you learn.

In our every day gym life, it is important to fail to learn your boundaries but not practice failure.  What I mean by that is to push your limits and figure out your max lifts or maximum skills (i.e. max muscle ups/hand stand pushups etc.).  However, failing at a certain weight over and over and over again is just programming your brain that failure happens at that weight.  You generally will get better and stronger if you practice lifting at percentages, which is why you see us program that way rather than always going for a max attempt.  Inexperienced coaches and athletes tend to go for one rep maxes to frequently and establish bad lifting mechanics or bad mental practices of getting frustrated at the inability to “beat” either their previous lifts or somebody else in the gym.  Remember next time you fail a lift, what went wrong, how do you fix it?  What do you gain from trying it again?  If you noticed, we have switched to going for heavy singles, go heavy but when you fail… Stop.  This is to learn how to dial in technique while under heavier loads.

One of the things that I do appreciate about competing, you get to fail at items you didn’t even realize you fail at.  For example, event 2 of the Crush Games, we didn’t even think that could possibly be a bad event for us because we were good at those movements.  We. Were. Wrong.  We learned certain strengths were truly strengths but certain strengths were actually weaknesses.  Failing in competition, will make us better athletes and coaches because we now know what it takes to compete on a national level.

So does this mean failing will not upset you or piss you off?  Absolutely not.  I think if you fail and you don’t get a little pissed, you probably lack the passion to understand the meaning behind this blog.  I’m simply suggesting that next time you fail, collect yourself and dial in what went wrong and get with your coach and work to attack it.  The people that come into the gym or go through life only working on things they are good at, are going to progress far more slowly, if at all, than those that choose to fail on a regular basis.  As the quote above states, life will never stop teaching as long as you are willing to learn.

I can’t doesn’t exist.

Jay Glaspy

JG3 Fitness

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