Competition Fitness vs General Health Fitness


As promised last week, this week’s blog is on competition versus general health fitness.  We had a very long discussion about this last week at the Crush Games and it made me realize we should probably share it with the members of the gym and readers of this blog.  There is a very big difference between competition and general fitness and I think it really boils down to your goals and what you are trying to accomplish on which one is best for you.

Let’s start with general health fitness.  This is what we do every day at JG3 Fitness.  There are times a very short but intense workout is on the board and it meets a certain stimulus and we do some accessory work, cool down and call it a day.  We spend time during warmups and accessory time, teaching and learning how to move better and dial in technique.  We also spend time working mobility limitations and working to open the body up to have a wider range of motion.  This is all about quality of life.  To some it may be losing weight, getting off of medication, stress management, or just an escape from their every day life.  General fitness is fun and generally doesn’t involve as much soreness (yes I get that sometimes we throw workouts out there that causes soreness).

Competition fitness is about testing your limits.  It is not necessarily the best for your health (depending on the skill level, length, etc. of the event).  The Crush Games was a two day, seven event (six scored as one was a combo) competition that crammed a weeks worth of the hardest workouts we would program at JG3 Fitness completed in two days.  It tested us mentally and physically in ways that, while a lot was learned and appreciated, hurt.  I do not want to take away from competition fitness, I enjoyed it as did Sal and Kevin and we intend on doing it again.  I just feel with our new members that may have caught the Facebook stream of the events, I should point out that it is a very different world and stimulus than what you will find in our gym daily.

So what is the point of this blog?  To educate people and let them make the determination on what they want to do with the help of our awesome coaching staff.  Do I believe there is a right or wrong answer?  It really depends on the person.  To me, you start coming to our gym or any gym to get healthier.  At some point you may start to struggle with motivation or have a change in goals, at that point maybe throwing in a competition reignites the fire to continue your journey.  There are several levels of competition, the Crush Games was a very intense and big competition (whether or not its true, they said it was second only to the CrossFit Games in size).  There are local competitions, online competitions and last year we even did an internal competition lift off and weight loss challenge.  Your best bet, communicate with the coaches at JG3 and we can always help you determine what the best, next step is.

The best part of what we do at JG3 Fitness, you can come to a class and have people that are showing up for general health and those who are showing up to compete… and both get the results they want.  It’s all in execution.  Thanks for reading as always.  I can’t doesn’t exist.

Jay Glaspy
JG3 Fitness

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