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I tell my customers both at the gym and in my every day job that the measure of the person isn’t shown until a problem shows up.  It is always easy and everyone is happy when things are going the way they are supposed to.  When adversity is added into the equation, things get a little bit more interesting.

This past weekend at the Crush Games an interesting topic came up that I will use next week, the difference between competition fitness and everyday fitness.  Stay tuned for that but today I want to speak on one of the reasons I chose to compete this weekend.

First things first, I am a highly internally motivated person and I’m also told that I am usually my own worst critic.  As a former college athlete I thought my competitive career was long past me.  I was injured, I was told the nerve damage in my neck that causes me daily chronic pain was going to cause me to have issues with holding my children when I was older and I should seriously consider altering my lifestyle.  I did, I was on pain killers and muscle relaxers for longer than I care to remember.  That all stopped in 2011 when I decided to challenge myself to get off of pills and pain management surgeries.  Long story short, I started my new fitness journey.

Fast forward five years later to this past weekend, with two of my amazing coaches and teammates, we took on a challenge that we didn’t realize would become as tough as it was.  The first event destroyed our lower bodies, the second event we were mentally destroyed and we had to learn how to fight from that point forward.  For me personally, when the going got tough; I wanted to see how I would respond.  I wanted to see the progress I’ve made in five years physically through a very tough weekend.  We continued to fight and while we may not have finished where we thought we would, we still did our very best.  I learned that after doing a weeks worth of workouts in two days; my body doesn’t need to worry about holding my children or simply getting through life, I can still push the limits and compete should I chose to continue.

In my opinion when you challenge yourself to do things that you are uncomfortable doing and you are constantly expanding your comfort zone, you will grow as a person.  That can be in fitness at our gym or it can be in your every day mindset.  For your fitness, we can always help you with that, when it comes to your mindset; I challenge you this week to, even in the toughest situations, look for the positive in those situations.  Truly embrace the words we end every week on… I can’t doesn’t exist.

Jay Glaspy

JG3 Fitness

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