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One of the issues many people run into, not just in the gym but in life is having the proper mindset to achieve their desired result.  You have conversations amongst friends, gym partners or even colleagues and you often hear about the giant plans or where they feel they are heading with their life.  The number one question I would ask them after these plans are spoken to me, what is your path or what short term goals do you have to achieve them?

I can’t doesn’t exist, is something you will hear a lot if you spend any time at JG3 Fitness.  It started as a saying that I would use on one of my first personal training clients whenever I was trying to motivate him but it has evolved a lot over the past few years as I’ve transitioned from a personal training to owning a gym with several trainers.  Every time I explain it to a trainer or a new member, I feel like it grows in its meaning and one particular story really exemplifies what mindset we look for when we say I can’t doesn’t exist.

Recently I was having a conversation with a member who started at the beginning of 2016 and we were really trying to dive in on what I meant when I told her I can’t doesn’t exist in our life.  I recalled having a spirited conversation with a person who had tried out JG3 Fitness the prior year and took me to task on our “tag line”.  This person said I get why you say it but you realize I can’t does exist.  My response caught her off guard a little bit, I said in your world it may exist but in my mind it does not exist, heck even my kids get tired of me telling them not to use that word.  Not to be deterred, she said but there are times you literally can’t do something.  One word response, yet.  We agreed to disagree.

I don’t share that story for any other reason than to stress the importance of your mindset.  You see there are obviously people who cannot physically, emotionally or mentally do things, I get that.  However, when you approach a task at hand, I don’t care if it is at the gym, your place of business or in your home, if you approach that task with the mindset that nothing will stop you until it is completed… you are much more likely to complete it.

I give you a challenge for the next day, week, month, year or however long you think you can make it… eliminate the words I can’t from your vocabulary and replace them with I will eventually.  Then, as I will cover in another blog, write down some long term and short term goals to achieve that task.  Mindset will make it a lot more possible to achieve it.

Jay Glaspy

JG3 Fitness

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