Guest Editorial Erin Olszewski

I hadn’t worked out in 6 years prior to January 2015.  I used to work out a lot…  In the 6 year break from lifting I tried to do workout videos at home but couldn’t stick to a schedule and a routine.  After having a baby and “attempting” to get in shape I ended up being skinny fat – a size 2 with no muscle, something I wasn’t happy about.  I was depressed and sick of being lazy and unhealthy.  I heard about the new gym opening up downtown.  I was really interested in joining, but completely intimidated, it had been 6 years. I had watched the CrossFit Games in the summer of 2014 and was completely blown away by the athleticism.  I wanted to do what they were doing, but couldn’t again find the motivation to actually try. So when JG3 opened up I wanted to go, but i didn’t want to look like an idiot and was scared to go alone.

My friend Christi had been working with Jay for a while prior to the gym opening up.  She had been going to classes at the new gym.  I went to a class with Christi… I waited in my car until she got there so I could walk in with her.  The first class was tough!  I was sore for a few days, but I went back. Again I waited for Christi outside the door so I could walk in with her.  I was nervous and still intimidated… I was used to being strong and thought I would still be strong, nope that was going to take a lot of hard work and time!  After the 3rd class of waiting outside to walk into class, I started talking to other people.  My crutch and I weren’t always on the same schedule and I needed to branch out a little if I was really going to commit to this. Everyone there was very friendly and welcoming, not intimidating or judgmental, like I thought it would be!

I am so thankful I had to branch out.  I stuck it out and because of this I have become stronger than I have ever  been.  I have overcome my intimidation of working out to this crazy fitness routine.  All of the movements we do can be modified to your specific skill and fitness level. The coaches are amazing and will work with you to make sure your are doing movements correctly so you don’t hurt yourself.  I love the fact that there is a family feel to the gym. I was so used to competing against other people before – here it’s different.  We all cheer each other on, as there is a team aspect to this as well.  I have made some of the greatest friends, which I consider family, a swole sister and rekindled an old friendship that I really needed back in my life. Working out with this amazing group has helped with my depression, so much that I was able to stop taking medication.  I know it’s intimidating to start a new routine, try something different, walk into a room without knowing a person, but because I did, my life has definitely changed for the better.

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