Guest Editorial Carrie Mayle

I am often asked if I am a runner or if I work out. People are now noticing my hard work and my body transformation I have been working so hard for over the last year.  I have always lived an active lifestyle and grown up in a very sports oriented family.  I was a gymnast for 22 years of my life and competed for Kent State University. I also ran track in high school and I was a cheerleader.  I went from one sports practice in high school, to the next, and then to the next. In college we had weight training, conditioning and practice.

Being in a gym or on a team was all I knew.  Ever since college graduation, I have felt as if there was a piece of me missing.  I missed the gym and I missed being a part of an athletic team.  I have tried motivating myself with at home workouts but I always found a reason not to do them. I have tried going to the gym and carried gym memberships.  My problem with that was,  what would the workout be?  I have always had someone design a workout for me.  The only thing I felt comfortable doing on my own was using a treadmill. And then I found JG3.  I started in the mornings, just 3 times a week and it didn’t take me long to fall in love and advance my membership to unlimited.  This gym is so welcoming, the people are motivating, friendly and it feels like a second home, a family.  I started out my membership feeling so weak.  I couldn’t lift as heavy as I did in college, I struggled to breathe and battled the quick onset of fatigue. I am somebody that gets uncomfortable easily in settings that I’m new to but that was not the case at this gym. It is so amazing to see how everyone starts a workout together and everyone finishes together.  It doesn’t matter your age, weight, gender or athletic ability, every person is encouraged and pushed until the end. We start our workouts with smiles and high fives and we end our workouts the same way.  This gym is my escape. It’s the only place I have that I can truly clear my head from the stresses of life and for one hour every day, I feel like I succeeded. This gym has given me back my self confidence that I was losing during life’s struggles.  I have changed my distorted body image of wanting to be skinny to being fit. I used to be so scared to step on a scale but those fears are gone.  I am my own worst critic with self image and for the first time I am happy with what I am seeing and the results I am getting. I go to bed thinking about these workouts and I wake up doing the same thing. I celebrate PR’s,  new moves or techniques just like I would growing up as a gymnast and learning a new move in gymnastics.  I have met some amazing people though this gym and this experience. We give it our all together, sweat together and talk about Crossfit now together. I now feel as if I have filled that missing piece that I lost when I graduated college.  I am a part of a team again!  I am back home….my athletic home.

Carrie Mayle

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