Goals, Write It Down

Write it down

I used to be one of those guys who had real generic goals, I would be happy when I looked more fit, I would be happy when I was stronger, etc.  It was a frustrating part of my fitness journey, I never really felt satisfied.  Then I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer.  That was when writing down and tracking progress really clicked in my head.

I was taught to make SMART Goals.  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-tabled Goals.  These things were great and helped me put my fitness plan and career on a very detailed path.  Then when I went through my CrossFit L1 seminar, I learned the value of measuring and retesting progress and that these goals didn’t have to be so specific to one domain.  Although it wasn’t necessarily taught at the CrossFit L1 seminar, getting out of my comfort zone really allowed me to generate goals in my career, my fitness journey, my nutrition, you name it and I probably came up with a goal for it.

At the beginning of every year and whenever members ask me, I send them a goals template that I use for fitness.  It has most of the lifts we do, the benchmark workouts and some gymnastics goals in them.  I advise people to check their progress on a quarterly basis to see where they are on their current journey.  I will also, as will any coach at JG3 Fitness, review the goals to let you know if they are realistic for the current cycle you are on.  We normally advise making smaller goals that help you attain your overall goals, but give you the satisfaction and realization that your hard work is paying off.

Our weekly challenge:  This week, write down 2-3 goals that you would like to attain before the end of 2016.  Then write down sub goals that you think you can attain by September of this year.  Put them in a spot where you are constantly reminded of your goal (mine are on my lock screen on my iPhone).  Work with your coaches, training partners or friends and make them happen.  You can do it, just remember…. I can’t doesn’t exist!

Jay Glaspy
JG3 Fitness

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